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Discussion in 'SMB' started by bernardbresslaw, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. lurker

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    You need help
  2. Heard a cracking story about how it happened today, unsure of its validity but the lad that told me does know the new manager/owner. He used to have the Robin Hood before taking the Mill last week
  3. Upthere

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    That’s true mate. He left the Robin last Sunday and then took this over on Monday. Made a killing off the World Cup and then left.
  4. errant

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    so who's the supposed insurance fiddler? the bloke who owns it now, or the bloke who sold it last week? i'm confused? and which of the two had the place in menorca?
  5. Mr.Thunders

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    Sugar Ray Leonard will be gutted
  6. Upthere

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    No idea on the first question but the second is the bloke who owns it now.
  7. Peter? However for legal purposes I’m
    Not sure of the insurance fiddler claim.
    Looks very kick like a portion of stupidity and a Side order of incompetence caused the fire
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    every cloud then...
  9. Obviously more like.
  10. bernardbresslaw

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    Whoever it is, that goal difference is something Rafa would be proud of - worth another point that.

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