Lou's Fine Ales and Beers


what you honestly think sea road is a worse place to run a shop than some residential backstreet off chester road?
Not enough dosh the verdict after careful deliberation from the Lou's honcho. Plenty of winos/cidos but not palatable for the good stuff, it's said.


He charges the going rate. So yes he's pricey. Its getting out of hand now, I look at stuff and the prices put me off. I'm happy to pay up for quality, and something different, but decent looking 440ml cans are £5+, and some are up to a tenner. Not for me at those prices when there's good stuff in supermarkets these days for far less.
to drink at home or on a train too. Mental!


I like a stout and Morrisons have an unusual but very drinkable "St Peters Stout" at 3x500ml bottles for £6.00 , it's got a bit if fruit taste in it but just enough to dim the bitterness of the stout.


Not passed by Lou's for a while. Is it still open, and if so, anyone know what's on tap at the moment? Want one or two growler fills for the holidays