Loans loans and more loans

I don't think any of us know, though it is worrying that very two managers now haven't really given anyone other than Hume (and Maja) a chance.

The counterbalance is that a) our managers have been under terrible pressure and that isn't a good context for focusing on youth - if your target is mid-table and you're delivering on it (i.e. if we get up, hopefully) then that's a bit more helpful. And, secondly, some of the youngsters that have been brought into the first team squad - Robson, Embleton - have had terrible luck with injuries.
The point about Robson and Embleton being unlucky with injuries is valid and it seems to be a very common thing for a young player adjusting to senior football suddenly finding that the rigors of it take their toll on their bodies in the early period of transition. Some come through this and some don't. Hume seemed fairly brittle when he first broke into the team but looks stronger now, Maja didn't really struggle with the physical step up.

I've got no problem with loans at all. The only problem I have is with the bloke in charge of them as the three main ones - Sinclair, Sterling and Dunne barely played and didn't contribute last season.

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Some fantastic memorable players have been loanees, what is your point? Do they not improve a squad? Jonny Evans, Danny Welbeck, Borini (admittedly only his loan season) and Marcus Alonso to name a few.
I dint give two shits about loans, would rather they are young players playing for their future career. I don't see people's problem.on this board with loans, if better players are available on loan , I'd rather sign tgem.then be left with a lot of shite on 2 and a half year contracts
This. If we get promotion, the last thing we want is too many players on the books who cant hit Championship standard.