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    Here now , second week got another two , can see strip in distance from room but won’t be going there . Went to “twin creeks” steak house at the Silverton Friday night , $50 special , soup/salad - 8oz filet mignon - creme brûlée and a glass of Cabernet , delicious .
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    Well this seems canny!

    Viva Las Vegas from £599pp!

    9th Feb 2020

    Flights from Newcastle or Edinburgh
    5 nights @ Excalibur - £599pp
    5 nights @ Linq - £639pp
    5 nights @ Planet Hollywood - £699pp
    5 nights @ Paris or Mirage - £759pp

    £75pp deposit

    This wont be around for long!
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    @Wilfy - flying from Newcastle would be a lot less hassle , the whole Heathrow transfer adds so many hours of travel time

    what site is that on fella ? Wonder if it it could extended to a full week or ten days - weather in Feb would probably suit me better , feels like I’m in an oven today
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    Stop at the Linq on there, miles better location.

    BA holiday site, they have a sale on now, heathrow isn’t that bad of a transfer, it’s the shit planes.

    They also don’t fly direct from NCL it’s a change in LHR
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    My Daughter (no!) is a travel agent who works from home and on her facebook page. Gets a canny few decent offers for all over. Especially like the twin or triple centres for Vegas/LA/NewYork etc. Looking forward to retirement so I can take full advantage of the offers
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