Las Vegas

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  1. chriswallace85

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    :lol: FFS.
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  2. Thomas & Mack Centre?
  3. Biscuitz

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    I think it was called Red Rock something or other
  4. Ah I know it, I think we went bowling there. You're right, it's not quite the full on Vegas Strip experience :lol:
  5. Reptilia

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    :lol: Give owa man.
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  6. Biscuitz

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    it was dire. It was a sales kick off week so there was the usual breakfast meetings and dinner meetings too. long, long days. Something my current employer does but I no longer have to attend as I didn't deal well with one a couple of years back.

    There was a casino in there which kept colleagues busy. My boss won big(ish) on the first night so checked himself into one of the fancy hotels on the strip for the week instead.

    I am not giving anything owa
  7. ontap

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    used to go 3 times a year but flights are expensive ( wife won't travel economy long haul), best place I have ever been , once you go there , spain italy portugal canaries etc dont cut it anymore, weather is perfect , entertainment ( shows etc) fantastic , eating out is brilliant , some of the best chefs in the world have restaurants there. Service is as always in usa , spot on.There's so much to see being so close to california , arizona etc. Just a wonderful country.
  8. consettsafc

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    Said earlier on we got business return for 2 at 3 grand, now up 4.5 grand with KLM.
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  9. ontap

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    Never flown with KLM so can't comment except to say thats a bargain , used to always do virgin but they wanting almost 3k for premium these days , we paid £2200 with thomas cook , not as good as virgin but not £800 difference.
  10. consettsafc

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    Aye, and they now fly direct to Vegas from Amsterdam.
  11. safcforever

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    Cost me about £50 and it only takes like 2 hours ;)
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  12. ontap

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    Some perspective on costs , I stay for around a month or longer at a time so finding decent beer and food at affordable prices is a must . Staying at the south point which is 6 mile from the strip am paying 5$ a pint (2.70$ during happy hour) , 4course meal with 14oz ribeye and a glass of wine $40. Four friends of our went to the night club in Caesar’s Saturday night , drink at a bar first was $120 a round ( same round at the local casinos around where we are staying is $30 ) , at the night club it cost em $150 each to get in and then $3000 for a table , obviously the young uns are gonna pay what it costs but for older people there’s no need to go anywhere near the strip.
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  13. Secret Visage

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    No need to go anywhere near the strip? That's a bit like going to Butlins and not bucking a Redcoat. :lol:
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  14. chriswallace85

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    Back yesterday from Vegas and San Francisco. Ya looking at $20 a round and $80-$120 a meal most places for two of ya.

    Good recommendation from @Nookie Bear for tapas in the cosmo.... topper.
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  15. Nookie Bear

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    Glad you enjoyed it , here at Cosmo now but not eaten there this trip yet - over at Joël robouchon tonight for meal in a couple of hours and can’t wait. Think I’ll have a power nap and try and get over this afternoons losses on the slots
  16. Carteron

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    Love when this thread pops up. July for me. My favourite place on earth.
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  17. niknak_123

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    One of my favorite places on last trip was off strip which surprised me. Pub365 at the Tuscany. Canny place if you spend a lot of time there.

    Also World of Beer over in Henderson
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  18. andy

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    Just googled 365 and think i could quite happily spend all my holiday in there.
  19. niknak_123

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    Aye their beer menu is cracking (as are a few other places). They have instentives on - think it's 10 beers for your name on a wall, 99 beers and they throw you a party for 20 guests. 365 beers and they send you on holiday for a few days to California. So you get a lot of locals in there
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  20. andy

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    I take it that's not in 1 night, Man vs Beer style.
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