Kingdom Hearts 3

Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by Richy Fingers, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Richy Fingers

    Richy Fingers Full Back

    Was going to buy this for my 7-year-old Nephew this week but it looks a bit over-complicated for a bairn. Anyone played it? Thoughts? How complicated is the levelling system?
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  2. Some Random Guy

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    I've played 1 kingdom hearts game, it wasn't difficult but it seems so far up its arse with its lore it was nonsense and I couldn't get into it. I would give it a swerve for that alone tbh.

    Does he have the Spyro trilogy remaster?
  3. Richy Fingers

    Richy Fingers Full Back

    I haven't a clue mate, all I know is he doesn't have KH3.

    I might as well just give the little twat £50 and let him pick a game himself tbh.:lol:
  4. nelford_safc

    nelford_safc Striker

    I’ve not played any of them but judging by the reviews and reaction 1 and 2 were good and it looks as though 3 is disappointing fans.
  5. everstar

    everstar Winger

    its great fun. Very easy between bosses and then a difficulty spike for the boss usually. I'm enjoying it - if he likes Disney he will like it. You can play it on easy and then probably wouldn't have to worry about all the levelling up stuff.
  6. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    Our lass plays it and she's thick as shit. Your nephew will do fine
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  7. Johnsafc

    Johnsafc Striker

    On PS2 with the grey box? Unreal game that
  8. Sir Lancelot

    Sir Lancelot Winger

    I don’t think he’ll have much trouble with this tbh, I’ve only died once so far and that was only because I ignored the warning beeps and just kept attacking. Even on normal mode it’s actually quite difficult to die, as Donald Duck is quite intelligent about healing you. Even if you are about to die you just need to back off and hang around near Donald until he takes the hint.

    It’s a fun game, I wouldn’t worry about the lore as I’ve never played any of the other games and I’m still managing - I don’t fully understand the back story, but the chances are your nephew will just skip all of the text anyway. The gameplay is on rails in terms of what you have to do next, and it’s signposted every step of the way. There are quite a lot of very long cutscenes which might be frustrating depending on how patient he is. I would strongly recommend installing and updating the game overnight, it does take a while!
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