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Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by worcestermakem, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. worcestermakem

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    “Aitor Karanka has asked to be released from his contract as the manager of Nottingham Forest Football Club,” read the statement. “The club have agreed to this request and the terms of departure have been agreed. Both parties wish each other every success for the future.

    “There will be no further comment from either party.

    “Simon Ireland will take charge of first-team affairs until a new manager is appointed.”
  2. Billy Batts

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  3. phillips10

    phillips10 Full Back

    Spent a fortune in the summer and are barely troubling the top six. They’ll fail FFP and cop a transfer ban.

    A stupid gamble to take in this day and age, absolute muppets.
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  4. Chucky Puddin

    Chucky Puddin Midfield

    Sacked but made to sound like he’s resigned! Apparently they’ve been looking for a new manager for weeks, they’ll announce someone within a few days!
  5. daz

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    He's supposedly a nightmare to work with too, just look at his sulking at boro. Get the feeling he's not a very likeable bloke.
  6. aupaalaves

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    New permanent Athletic Bilbao manager?
  7. Mr David

    Mr David Winger

    Was talk of this when they played Leeds on NYD. football management is fucked now like, there's ridiculous amounts of sacking now because of the modern day need for instant success
  8. Geronimo

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  9. molthemackem

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    I wouldn't wish Moyes on anyone..Well maybe a club up the road
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  10. Geronimo

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    Someone is gonna employ him.

    He's on the same gravy train as Bruce etc
  11. Steesafc

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    They seemed to have a good chance at getting in the playoffs. Forest owners love a new manager iirc.
  12. This

    Comes across like a bit of a twat
  13. robbied1

    robbied1 Striker

    I think he has them punching above their weight in that league, basket case of a club, they still had a great chance of the play offs
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  14. OohBaldyBally

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    O’Neill and Keane ?
  15. The Rat

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    Sounds like a nightmare like, has some good qualities but not the personality
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  16. TaylorBoosh

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    Agreed, been fighting relegation last 2 seasons, he’s got them insight of the play offs!
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  17. safcforever

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    Didn’t he quit one week, then fired the next, but was still manager for about another month?

    Heard a fan on talksport saying he’d love that :lol:
  18. chopsfc007

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    After spending fortunes
  19. Fetch Fletch

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  20. Geronimo

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