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Jurassic Park

Discussion in 'SMB' started by LondonBlackCat, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. ITV2 now.

    26 years old and the special effects still hold up. A fantastic bit of filmmaking.
  2. Yankee Mackem

    Yankee Mackem Winger

    Great film and still with a bit of magic about it. Came out just at the right time before chi was mainstream so it was almost as if they were really showing us things humans never seen before.

    I went to Orlando the year it was released and they had all the props and cars from the film there. Never forget sitting in the vehicles
  3. Thought you were talking about the Warf in the 1980s :lol:
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  4. Kevj

    Kevj Striker

    Why do you need a winch to drag a 4x4 downhill?
  5. Occam's Razor

    Occam's Razor Striker

    The merchandise with that logo was like an impressive steamroller which willed the population into believing the film must be good. It's probably the film with the biggest ratio of tat sales>quality of actual movie of all time.
  6. But the film was / is good. I don’t think they needed the merchandise to convince people of that.

    They’ve gotten progressively worse mind.

    Interesting fact: velociraptors were actually about the size of a turkey, not the 7-8ft monsters in the film.
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  7. Dogbark

    Dogbark Striker

    It had some nice exposition in it but a fairly average narrative. It was overhyped at the time of its release too.
  8. Still don’t understand how the T. rex steps over that little wall when it breaks out yet when it pushes the car back over the wall it’s a 100 foot drop.
  9. Have only seen bits of it.
  10. Occam's Razor

    Occam's Razor Striker

    The film is average at best. I fucking loved all the merchandise at the time, mind. Mugs, T-shirts, tea towels, mouse mats, the lot. I didn't even see the film till about 2010.
  11. Arthur80

    Arthur80 Midfield

    First film I ever seen at the cinema, remember getting a glow in the dark turtles cup as well.
  12. silas80

    silas80 Winger

    Great film, slightly spoiled now by the fact I no can longer unsee the stage hand nudging the velociraptor's arse into the kitchen.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  13. No Steve Gutenberg, no watch
  14. Ciro_DiMarzio

    Ciro_DiMarzio Goalkeeper

    Loved it. I was a good age to see it at its release. Seen it at the old ABC with my mam.
  15. DurhamRedStripe

    DurhamRedStripe Central Defender

    The ones in the film are closer to a Deinonychus but Velociraptor sounded cooler.
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  16. What A Waster

    What A Waster Striker

    Seems a bit far fetched to me like.
  17. niknak_123

    niknak_123 Striker

    Surprised scientists haven’t tried it in real life
  18. Rubberglove

    Rubberglove Midfield

    It was tried and tested in Fino’s years ago
  19. chriswallace85

    chriswallace85 Striker

    Aye, just been reading about that this morning after reading about the turkey sized feathered raptors @LondonBlackCat mentions above. Both the book and film raptors totally based on Deinonychus (before they realised they had feathers).

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