Is there bother in Edinburgh?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Guinness Guzzler, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. We're in a pub and just been told we aren't allowed out :confused:
  2. Ferryhill Exile

    Ferryhill Exile Midfield

  3. st joes lad

    st joes lad Striker

    you in a pub in leith.
  4. Cartman

    Cartman Winger

    have you paid your bill?

    Is the pub called the Blue Oyster Bar?
  5. Flabb

    Flabb Winger

    Haven't ran into any.

    Pissing it down though. And I have shorts on :x
  6. MCFC

    MCFC Winger

    Is it the nudist bar on Princess street?
  7. Access14

    Access14 Full Back

    It is according to Twitter :-(
  8. jhs2

    jhs2 Guest

    Who's said it?
  9. Dibble

    Dibble Winger

    Yep just seen something on Twitter saying its kicking off.
  10. NickLad

    NickLad Midfield

    Joey Barton
  11. Wonderwall

    Wonderwall Central Defender

  12. Smiler

    Smiler Striker

    Sounds like heaven to me
  13. Access14

    Access14 Full Back

  14. Dibble

    Dibble Winger

    iShaunCorrigan Shaun Corrigan
    It's all kicking off up town with the #Hibs and #Sunderland fans! Mon the hibs!! #GGTTH #safc
  15. jhs2

    jhs2 Guest

    Bad blood there like?
  16. Dibble

    Dibble Winger

    MichaelMacLeod1 Michael MacLeod
    RT @lee_hutchison: Shock horror! Trouble between Sunderland and Hibs fans down Leith walk. Huge police presence moving into one of the pubs.
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  17. Had a text off my mate earlier. He says there's some right animals hanging round the zoo!
  18. I'm hearing hibs with bats and knives going for families :confused:
    Hope it's not true like but not sure if we'llbe allowed out to get to game
  19. Dibble

    Dibble Winger

    IDgoeshere RetroRender t-shirts
    All shapes and sizes of Sunderland fans getting the Lothian Borders treatment on Leith Walk #Hibs
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  20. It's all a set up, Northumbria Police and Quinny have arranged the whole thing so that they can ban more fans from the club!!!
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