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How to get your body ready for summer holidays in 113 days (progress pics)

Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by supersesh, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Billy The Kid

    Billy The Kid Striker

    Aye but only about 1.2g of the egg yoke fat is saturated, the rest of the yoke is full of good protein and EFA's.
    Ive been dieting for the past 18 months and have had 4/5 full eggs every morning and still been dropping the weight.

    Like said if your ganna ditch the yokes then you many aswell pay for the Egg White powder from my protein.
  2. jackynutmeg

    jackynutmeg Winger

    could of lost weight quicker if you ditched the yokes ;)

    or buy liquid egg whites
  3. supersesh

    supersesh Midfield

    i agree.

    2 yellows is a nice amount. I'll get everything i need from both of them, no need to add unecessary fat.

    thursday morning, 120g oats, 27g protein drink,

    off to gym to train shoulders now.
  4. jackynutmeg

    jackynutmeg Winger

    you are having loads of carbs Sesh mate
  5. supersesh

    supersesh Midfield

    aye m8, plan on trying to lose only half a pound/pound a week.

    got my water intake perfect at 750ml every 3 hours, pissing non stop lol:lol:
  6. sproates33

    sproates33 Striker

    Started training this week.

    Played 7 a-side last Sunday for 2 hours in the pissing rain and woke up the next day stiff as a board.

    Monday i did Chest and Triceps.
    Tuesday i did cardio, ran for 45 minutes varying my pace.
    Wednesday i did legs and arms.
    Thursday i again ran for 45 minutes varying my pace.
    Today i did shoulders, abs and legs.

    My diet throughout the week has been mainly oats and milk for breakfast with a slice of wholemeal toast and peanut butter. Been having a shake in between breakfast and lunch. For lunch i've mainly been having pasta's with tuna or pasta with chicken. My snacks have been mainly fruit and veg. My evening meals have been either chicken breast with rice or mince.

    Only problem i have is that i have quite a sweet tooth so i've been eating jellies and shit that i just can't quite cut out. :lol:

    Feel much better already, I dunno if its just psychological or not but i look better when stripped off.

    Tomorrow i've got a game though so i might just scran a massive meat feast pizza on the night time. :neutral:
  7. Lewberry pie

    Lewberry pie Striker


    I had a mcd breakfast and lunch yesterday.
  8. supersesh

    supersesh Midfield

    1 week in


  9. Lewberry pie

    Lewberry pie Striker

  10. supersesh

    supersesh Midfield

    ... what? lol
  11. Lewberry pie

    Lewberry pie Striker

    to compare ;)
  12. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    What's retarded about promoting saturated fat?
  13. Titus

    Titus Winger

    It appears he's a bit of a mis-informed bro.
  14. RyAye

    RyAye Midfield

    ok, too much saturated fat is bad because it causes high cholesterol, clogs your arteries and leads to heart disease. its not proven but its a widely accepted theory.

    please present me with your counter arguement as to the healthy benefits of saturated fat. i'll add it to my supplement list...
  15. Lewberry pie

    Lewberry pie Striker

    you need some of it though surely?
  16. Titus

    Titus Winger

    You do realise there is not just one type of saturated fat?
  17. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    Will do when I'm back at a computer but it's easily researched by typing in benefits of saturated fat into google.

    Too much anything is bad but you need saturated fat in your diet
    Last edited: May 9, 2012
  18. The more you read into this nutrient shit the more you realise you can eat whatever the fuck you want to eat and still stay healthy. It's bullshit. Think I'll just lift weights, eat high protein and not worry about it much more.
  19. Titus

    Titus Winger

    For the love of your libido, eat sufficient fat.
  20. No problems there mate. I eat all kinds of fats. Skinny as fuck so I guess I have a superb metabolism or I'm a ectomorph(whatever the skinny one is). Basically I want to maximise my muscle gains and have been worried about getting fat as I upped my calories but I haven't put on an ounce.
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