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  1. Documentary including coverage of the shop opening in the Bridges. Coming across alright

    Little known fact, the CEO was born in Seaham, and seems canny proud that he’s opened one in Sunderland
  2. Neither did I - till he just mentioned it in the footage of the Sunderland shop opening.

    He said he was bringing the company to the “heartlands” :cool:
  3. Tweet him to get in touch with #stewartdonald3

    Sunderland Hotel Chocolat of Light
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    First branch should have been opened in Sunderland shirley...
  6. Worth watching this on catchup for the Sunderland footage. The other bloke with him, his dad was from Sunderland too. Don’t know if it was that peter Harris bloke mentioned on that article

    Edit: Enjoyed that. Sunlun came across well.
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    Was that the bridges ??? I’ve no been there , only ever get to the match . Only reason I’m asking coz my other half seen shops an asked where it was , then said I wanna go there !!!!
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  8. It certainly was. Worth watching on catchup. We came across well
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    Quality , hope to come back this year , Sunderland half marathon would be a good weekend for it
  10. Too many people quick to knock the town centre. It’s no better or worse than loads of others up and down the country.

    There’s a Hotel Chocolat here though :cool:
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    Spot on this was mentioned in the Sunderland Vibe magazine last year.
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    Will have to get this on catch up sounds a good watch
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    The chocolate is nice as well
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    Nice but overpriced.
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    My brother used to work in their factory. He’d bring home so many freebies I got fed up of the stuff (it’s really good gear, mind)! Sickened myself off good chocolate and started craving Mars bars instead.
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    Still got some reasonably nice stuff cheap
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    Looks as if they use more cocoa and less sugar which increases the costs.

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