Great North Run


Roll call ??
My first time... I'm flying in on Friday.... Can't wait.

Anyway, the begging bit. MackemJo2 off here is running it for the National Autistic Society and could do with a few coins to help her to get her target so I said I'd post her link on here. She's not on here so much at the moment, but the SMB has always helped her in the past and she's a great support on the Depression thread too.

Cheers lovelies xxx

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Done it the last 2 years but opted for Edinburgh marathon his year. Enjoy the occasion it's great with everyone cheering and clapping you'll need it going up the John Reed Road. The gel station is normally at the bottom of it so take a couple of gels from them and use them to get you up it


Daughter's coming up from Cheshire to do it again.
She's gutted the Red Arrows won't be making an appearance....tart!
Did it last year hopelessly out of shape and vowed never again, a lot has changed in that year so I’m a bit gutted I’m not doing it.

Best of luck everyone, forecast looks better for this years at the very least!


i'll be stood outside cheering everyone on - enjoy the day... then in the pub for a few pints - enjoy that version of the great north run to the 6 where i was running...
hope its not too warm, seem to recall it was warm last year with a few people keeling over - certainly the paramedics were kept busy round whitemarepool...
Aye, I had a minor wobbler last year but not as bad as a lot of folk, quite grim how many ambulances were flying about.

Looks to be a good chunk cooler this year which should help all involved.