Going to buy a hotdog and end up getting the cane.


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Showing me age here but anybody else get the cane (at school) for repeated lateness after waiting in the massive feck-off queue in the tuck shop at dinner time? Loved them but the dried onions boiled into slime and the "tomato" sauce that tasted nothing like them but was at least red, a sort of nuclear red were a bit gut-rotting. Any other school delicacies worth getting beaten by an 18 stone sociopath (allegedly) who regularly flew off the handle for no reason?


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Hopping the fence to get some chips, getting the cane was a badge you wore got use to it showed no emotion, laughing stock those who cried. Brutal now adults beating kids dad gave us the belt, swore when I had children I would never raise a hand to them.


I remember when I first started college I used to be late every day. One day turned up hours late they asked why I said oh I missed the metro. He says but they run ever ten minutes how are you so late? I said oh I missed a few


No not for a hotdog but for the barmaid not being quick enough with my pint of scotch!


Got clouted off hotdog hughesy who was a teacher at Ryhope for giving him stick about him selling hot dogs on the side.