Global Warming Part 8022

Discussion in 'SMB' started by DaftGet, Feb 9, 2019.

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    With the way that parent companies own brands these days, 100 companies could be 71% of everything that's made. In total.
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    4 degrees warmer, I’d take that.
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    Can you swim?
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    Aye, like a goat.
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    Fair enough. You'll get the chance to die of starvation then, nice one.
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    It's bloody freezing up here so could do with a bit of warming
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    The environment is fucked lads, climate change is irreversible and those in charge seem to want to do fuck all about slowing it down. So let’s keep signing petitions, and voting for the same irresponsible fuckwits, while we enjoy the nice temperatures before the watta runs out/ floods the fuck out of the land
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    Obviously climate change is a thing but there's a fair amount of scaremongering going on. It's hard for us non-scientists to discern the truth from fiction, but one things for sure, we're not all as doomed as some would have you believe...

    Patrick Moore (environmentalist) - Wikipedia
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    The sad thing is that it could have been prevented
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    You're right, just a few billion poor people.
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    It still can be. Very unlikely that the hit will be taken but there's a huge difference between 3 degrees and 6. Mitigation should without a doubt still be the global priority
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    Couldn't give a fuck. I'll be dead before it becomes a serious issue. Let the kids & grandkids deal with it.
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    pollution everywhere sometimes up sometimes down but always around
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    A bit like letting your dog crap on thyour pavement and just leaving it you mean?
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    All bullshit.

    Eeeeeeer! dogshit.
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    Not quite, but now that you mention it, I don't pick up my dog's shit either. It's icky.
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    You're certainly not unique.
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    Nowt to worry about. NASA is planning to construct a permanent base on the Moon which will lead to deeper exploration and settlement in our Solar system. Those that have raped this planet and acquired great wealth will soon abandon it and fuck off somewhere else leaving the rest of humanity to suffer the consequences. Private enterprise is seeing to that. Anyone on here got the means to buy a ticket on Virgin's shuttle to the Moon?

    It was in 1970 that we knew that if we didn't stop chopping down the rainforests that within 5 years irreversible climate regime change would begin.

    The oil companies have proved to be even more powerful that we could possibly imagined nearly 50 years ago.

    'There's a danger of losing our tenure on this planet' - BBC Ideas

    The problem is that most arable land for food production is coastal. Increased sea level will take a lot of that away. Also increased precipitation levels will wash more top soil away into the oceans. There may well be more arable land available in areas that have lost snow and ice, like Greenland and the Himalayas, good for growing pine trees for the logging companies that he is a lobbyist for.
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  20. Cant see us being flooded out here in Sunderland. How deep are you expecting the water here? :lol:

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