Global Warming Part 8022

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    That's true but this is the only one caused by an existing species, and one that is supposedly intelligent enough to act on it once they recognised it. Humans are the vermin of The Earth.
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    You mean a kinda Nexit from Brexit?

    It's an interesting comparison when you consider they study rats to help with understanding human behaviour.

    Apart from ants we are the only species to wage war on our own kind.

    Yet we have so much potential.

    After the reptiles and the mammals maybe insect will make a better go of it.

    It would be strange if in a billion years an intelligent species on Venus looks at Earth like we look at Mars, and wonders whether it ever supported life.
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  3. Speak for yourself :lol:
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    I've had this conversation a few times on here and some posters just did 't grasp it. In evolutionary terms insects are far more successful than we are. They have been around several tens of millions of years longer than we. No way wd'll be around in the same sort of numbers in 100 years. Unfortunately we are also, without realising or caring, wiping out the insects due to the amount of pesticides we use to feed our population. The population growth of humans is not sustainable. It will be curbed but whether that 's through war, famine, climate change, antibiotic resistance or some minging virus.... not sure which would be worse.

    Your point about potential is a good one. All of this could be avoided but greed or stupidity trumps everything. We as a country have just voted ourselves out of The EU for example.
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  5. Its interesting that the biggest polluters are likely to have the most people affected by sea level rise. China in particular would be extremely heavily hit.
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    It really fucks me off to see and hear what humans have done to the Earth. We really are selfish bastards.
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    I saw a program about a scorpion once. It was frozen in a block of ice for a week then using a blow torch the ice was melted away. The scorpion shook itself for a second then wandered off as if nothing had happened. It can stand a level of radiation 200 times what we can. Even if we wiped ourselves off the planet in a nuclear war, scorpions wouldn't even flinch. Maybe the meek will inherit the Earth, they just wont be human.

    Our inherent potential is phenomenal but we are our own worst enemies. We've proven that.

    I just don't see how our human systems that we have set up can survive much more than 20 years before they start to fall apart and that's been optimistic when you consider the global economy. We voted to limit our trade with our neighbours the EU and increase it globally. The effect on the environment of such an increase in transportation wasn't even an item on the menu for discussion.

    "Don't shit on your own doorstep" they say...
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