RTG Getting pop-ups, Audio, redirects, ads overlaying text, malware reports from ads please read this


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I have reproduced this on Android and Chrome, looks like a particularly nasty malware advert that overlays the entire window so whenever you next click anywhere on the screen it takes you to the malware site.

I am looking at this now to isolate where it is coming from and speaking to the ad networks.

Zak's Dad

Anyone else having problems on a PC? I am using Chrome on a PC right now, no problems here.
It's back again after 2 days.

A page redirect opens a new tab and a dialogue box appears telling me my phone has a virus and i need to download an antivirus program.

I can get rid of it by closing the tab but it appears on about 50% of the clicks I do on the site.

Only on this site.


@Roger I know you said not to use ad blockers but it's every single f***ing click now!

Have you allowed the dodgy ad feeds back on?
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Network is ID
Phone is Motorola
Advertisement is something in French

The site is almost unusable on my phone at the moment. It keeps jumping to the bottom of the page then a virus alert.