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RTG Getting pop-ups, Audio, redirects, ads overlaying text, malware reports from ads please read this

Discussion in 'Help Desk' started by Roger, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Roger

    Roger The Gaffer Staff Member

    Good to hear it’s stopped for at least some of you at the moment, but don’t be surprised if it comes back as no changes have been made to the ad networks today
  2. Discopants91

    Discopants91 Striker

    Happening again today.
  3. hefty em

    hefty em Striker

  4. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Midfield

    Had it yesterday and again today.

    Iphone/safari/foreign operator
  5. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Google rewards popping up today saying I've won stuff.
    Titus likes this.
  6. Titus

    Titus Winger

    Aye this keeps happening here
  7. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    Wasn't happening to me until I opened this thread and got an angry birds pop-up.
    Beaker likes this.
  8. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Midfield

    Got it on another forum using the same software as this
  9. Discopants91

    Discopants91 Striker

    Mine only happens on 4g rather than WiFi like.
  10. hefty em

    hefty em Striker

    Just had a redirect to coral app on Google play store. On Android on chrome.
  11. Beaker

    Beaker Winger

    I've had ipo6 congratulating me on winning an iPhone about 8 times across 3 pages. All directing to an angry birds pop up also. Different adverts on screen each time.
  12. The Great MES

    The Great MES Winger

    Didn't realise this bit was here or I wouldn't have started a thread :oops:. It started yesterday saying I've won an iPhone or that I've won Amazon stuff. It seems to settle down later in the day. I've disabled my location but it still happens. I'm using a Moto G4 on BT internet
  13. Skandhaless

    Skandhaless Striker

    I'm getting it too, for last 3 days quietened off last night, just come back
  14. Beaker

    Beaker Winger

    Is it just me or is this getting worse?
  15. Nipple Salad

    Nipple Salad Central Defender

    Stopped for me
  16. davoak

    davoak Striker

  17. alicante mackem

    alicante mackem Striker

    I won't even open RTG now if I'm not on WIFI. I got a pornsite pop up a few weeks back. Being a primary school teacher it's not what I wanted during break time.
  18. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Midfield

    Get them every day still

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