Gaming Computer Specifications?

Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by Bollotti, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Bollotti

    Bollotti Midfield

    My youngest has decided he wants a gaming computer for Christmas.

    Looking at a tower system, not a laptop

    What sort of specification should I be looking for?

    Any recommendations?

  2. I'm after exactly the same, 10 year old lad , probably main use will be fortnight, I only want to pay 600 quid
  3. Hue Jorgan

    Hue Jorgan Midfield

    I use
    They have a system config type thingummy if you have no clue, but they have some great bundles
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  4. Bollotti

    Bollotti Midfield

    That's about my budget as well. Tried looking on line, but I wouldn't know a good one from a bad one.
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  6. Just get them a console man, gaming rig will be wasted on a bairn
  7. Bollotti

    Bollotti Midfield

    Already been through that phase with Xbox .......
  8. Got them, I'd prefer him on a pc anyway tbf
  9. K3NA

    K3NA Central Defender

    My sons new graphics card was £500 so i would expect to pay more than £600 for a full PC. His first gaming PC was about £1100 around 6 years ago from that place in Grangetown.
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  10. Rusty

    Rusty Midfield

    Minumum you want graphics card wise will be a gtx 1050ti 4gb card 1060 6gb would be better. Then either an i5 of some sort from Intel or ryzen 5 from amd cpu 8gb ram minimum. If you scimp on the specs and he ends up with an unenjoyabke experience you'll find he won't play it and it will be a waste of money.
  11. nelford_safc

    nelford_safc Striker

    Try this website. It tells you what to go for based on the game that the gamer wants to play and your desired budget.

    It's in dollars which is obviously useless but you could always make a note of the components and get them from a UK retailer.

    BLD - Custom Gaming PCs by NZXT
  12. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    I’ve just spent the last month trying to find someone to build the bairn one, before deciding to have a bash myself and save on the builders’ fee.

    This one is tremendous. It has 1000s of other people’s builds and costs you can click on and copy their spec. Then you can modify them how you like; it checks for compatability and power issues; and even tells you which shops sell each component the cheapest.

    Pick parts. Build your PC. Compare and share. - PCPartPicker United Kingdom
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  13. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

    The minimum you want for a graphics card is a 1050ti like the 1050 is worthless really, might be able to get a build with a 3gb 1060 in for £600 I'll have a quick look now

    Both shite those
  14. Az*

    Az* Striker

    I've just bought one of the girls one. I usually use scan or ocuk exclusively but decided to use pc specialist this time after a mate recommended . I went low end for now to see how much she uses it, no point in a 10 core cpu and 1080 if they hardly use it.

    I7 8700k cpu(overcooked to 5ghz iirc)
    Asus motherboard (forgot name, bout 90 quid)
    M2 128gb hard drive(have a spare 500GB ssd for a secondey)
    16 GB corsair RAM
    Asus 1050 TI 4GB graphics card
    Coolmaster tower and CPU cooler.

    The above was around £550 exc vat. Pre built so I didn't have to piss about building it.

    You could probably drop the price a little if you went for the I7 8700 over the 8700K.

    Bout the cheapest I could build whilst also being able to play bf5 and a few other games on half decent settings.
  15. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

    AWD-IT is the site I bought my Pc from, they have some decent rigs on there atm. I just knocked this one up which is really good for the price imo, up to you whether you want to add Windows 10 I just bought a cheap copy from Ebay and installed it my self via USB which is really easy if you Youtube it

  16. maygo

    maygo Winger

    Video game nerd forum this shite (love games me, just joking)
  17. RYHOPER1

    RYHOPER1 Midfield

    Its not a bad time to buy one with the black fri and cyber monday sales.

    I would always say build one your self then you know what parts are going into it. There are countless videos on youtube showing you how to do it. TBH I have built loads and still refer back to them now.

    If you scrimp you will get a system that wont perform very well and wont have a very long shelf life, and probably wont leave you with a patch to upgrade in future. Much better off investing a bit more in a system that will be future proof.

    But then again you have to look at what you will actually be using it for and if its worth spending the money on it.

    You might get away with a system that can run fortnite or minecraft now ok but in 12 months they may be wanting to play something else the system cant handle it.

    From personal experience I would be very warey off falcon, I find them to be very expensive. And looking at their budget gaming rigs they use some quite poor parts. Most of them have CIT power supplies and they are pretty gash tbh. A power supply is not a part I would scrimp on.

    I wouldnt buy one with windows pre installed that will probably add about £100, you can buy a key off ebay for less than a fiver. Then download the install tool from the windows website and cretea a usb install.

    You can get some decent monitors from the amazon warehouse. When I built my original pc I got a nice monitor for £80. It cost £150 new and mine was brand new, still had the plastic on the screen.
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  18. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

    Just had a look on Falcon Computers with it being local and fuck me what a load of overpriced shite :-O Was surprised how expensive some of the rigs are with it not being a massive company, I'd avoid them whoever mentioned going there earlier

    They have one for sale for £650 with a CIT power supply and a 2gb 1050 :lol::lol:
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  19. RYHOPER1

    RYHOPER1 Midfield

    I built a ryzen 1600x system last year,

    I wouldnt power a firestick with a CIT psu nevermind a PC I was spending £500 on
  20. redgauntlet

    redgauntlet Striker

    Graphics cards are the problem after 4 years or so. Cheapest I could get a new equivalent for mine was £375.

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