Frank Cali, of New York's Gambino family, is shot dead in New York

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Cypher, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    It is an'all.
  2. LondonMackem

    LondonMackem Winger

    Can’t remember his name pal, can you tag him for us?

    When I made the username I thought all the northerners wouldn’t know where Kent was so just put London as it’s bigger and more well known :lol:
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  3. alanturing

    alanturing Central Defender

    Meadow Soprano getting her revenge. She would have done it it sooner but she had problems parking the car.
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  4. luvulongtime

    luvulongtime Striker

    did some great songs with the Four Seasons tbf
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  5. BigPete

    BigPete Striker

    Oh how I’d love to hang out the back of her... gorgeous!

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  6. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    Shocking post.
  7. BigPete

    BigPete Striker

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  8. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    Might as well call me myself HackneyGeordie then eh if nowt matters anymore and people are just saying and doing whatever they want.
  9. JumpedUpKnobGeordie
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  10. The Exile

    The Exile Striker

    I ain't saying nothing.
  11. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    I prefer PremiumFurnishingsMag.
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  12. LondonMackem

    LondonMackem Winger

    You think I disagree ffs
  13. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    Owt to do with Persico dying off last week?
  14. elder

    elder Striker

    Waddya gonna do?
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  15. WASTID

    WASTID Striker

    Henry Hill will probably know who did it and why.
  16. Daffy

    Daffy Striker

    Sounds like a right carry on
  17. steadybreeze

    steadybreeze Central Defender

    Netflix behind it, cutting out the middle man for a quick 4k three parter
  18. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    Real greaseball shit
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  19. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    Thought the same
  20. screwjack

    screwjack Midfield

    johnny tightlips here
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