Frank Cali, of New York's Gambino family, is shot dead in New York

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    New York media say it is the first targeted killing of a mob boss in the city since 1985.

    Wonder what becomes of this? If the shooter isn't arrested first then there will no doubt be a spate of tit-for-tat killings given that he was such a high profile figure.

    The reputed head of New York's Gambino crime family, Frank Cali, has been killed outside his home, say the city's police.
    Cali, 53, was shot several times in the Todt Hill district of Staten Island on Wednesday evening and died later in hospital.
    The unidentified killer fled the scene in a blue car, witnesses said.

    The Gambino operation is said to be one of the five historic Italian-US mafia families in New York.
    New York Mafia: What's happening to the Five Families?

    Witnesses said Cali's killer shot him at least six times and then ran him over before fleeing the scene. Family members were seen to rush into the street and sit crying next to his body.
    Police said the motive was not known.
    "There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing," a statement said.

    First New York crime boss killed since 1985
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    Oh well, never mind.
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  3. @LondonMackem I wonder who will say he was just a good lad and loves his mam?
  4. Teed

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    I laughed at "Police said the motive was not known" I suppose him being a Mob boss does make it difficult to suss out the motive.
  5. Cypher

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    Probably more a reference to the fact he would have committed so many crimes they can't narrow it down to just one.
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    might have come from inside, like a coup, the way Gotti toppled I think Castelano, which was the killing referred to in 1985 iirc.
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    @LondonMackem was jsut a good lad and loves his mam.
  8. MackneyHackem

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    Outside Sparks Steakhouse?
  9. Doesn’t even come from London.
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  10. MackneyHackem

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    Isn't a Mackem either.

    Should be called TonbridgeSAFCFan.
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    He was no Al Capone like.

  12. MackneyHackem

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    But how was his relationship with his mother?
  13. ighty seven

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    something like that. I’m no expert really.
  14. MackneyHackem

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  15. nyron4england

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    a lot of mobsters/criminals do a lot for their community. look at escobar and medellín.

    on E46th?
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    Forget about it.
  18. MackneyHackem

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    Not sure but I don't think it's still there?
  19. nyron4england

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    yeah it is.
  20. He never had the makings of a Varsity athlete.
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