Film villains you feel for?


Smeagol - whilst he did not show any resistance to the Ring whatsoever, the Rig was yearning to be found and it's will was very powerful.
Emile (Robocop) - a truly hideous death


Dorothy - Wizard of Oz.

I know she immediately murdered someone and stole an expensive family heirloom (precious antique footwear) and then set àbout the sister in a rip-roaring murderous rampage with a bunch of mercenaries...

...I know all that. But call me a wrongnun'...but I just think she was easily lead and a victim of coersion.


I always watched Tom and Jerry as a kid wanting Tom to win.
He's just getting on with his life and day after day that little mouse bastard comes in, usually on the rob, smashes the place up, Tom tries to defend his owners home from the little shit, and what thanks does he get?
Chased with a broom and chinned by a big arse hole dog, who does nothing to defend his owners house, just sleeps and eats steak.
It's not on.
Jaws from James Bond - hidden away, forced to do his master's bidding because he's a man mountain, metal mouthed circus freak who just wants to be loved FFS.
Shooter McGavin.

Generational talent who just wanted to look after his financial future when his playing days were over, then that wanky hockey playing upstart joined the tour and had some beginner’s luck.


Salacious B. Crumb.

I don't feel sorry for him I just think he'd be funny to go out for a quiet pint with as long as he didn't start eating robots.