Film villains you feel for?

Sid off Toy Story. He's a creative young lad that seems to have a lot of shit going on at home. He has no way of knowing toys are alive

Ferris Bueller's teacher, Ferris Buellers was a little dolling bastard (sure, the actor turned out to be a nonce but that's beside the point)

Jungle Book, Shere Khan was right, that little twat Mowgli nearly burnt the f***ing jungle down.
In that vein, Killmonger from Black Panther. He had a solid point and killing off the character was a waste.
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The Joker
Good shout, at least at the start.

Also - Frankenstein's monster.

My favourite bit of Young Frankenstein is where the monster (played brilliantly by Peter Boyle) escapes out of the castle and smashes through the door. There is a thunder storm and he has a right go at the thunder and lightning as he leves. The scene with Gene Hackman is fantastic too. "Now don't inhale until the tip glows....."