Eng v Pakistan ODI Series

Rip Van Fish

agree 100% we look average in the bowling department otherwise.
I'd drop Willey tbh, looks pretty crap on this performance

Bollocks !! :lol: take that back
Left armer tho mate who can swing it back into the right handers early doors

Be a right meltdown on here if Wood has to make way for Archer.

I do feel it’s between him and Curran tho

The Rat

Fuck is going on with archer and wood?

Archer bowled 4 overs n that’s it

Is Woof fit?

Got to bowl Denly otherwise don’t pick him
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The Rat

Wood was our best bowler in the Caribbean not sure why he's not playing
I really think they are just absolutely wrapping him in cotton wool, same with Archer

basically 3 lads bowling now for a place

My opinion all along is that they will all get picked and Denly won't

Roy a world class player but could be so much better, can hit boundaries but a lot of dots.
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What a time to be alive when 359 seems like it should be a casual stroll.
That'll kybosh it.;)

Wickets for International List A games are increasingly prepared for massive scores. TBH I'd much rather see a closer game with even balance of bat and ball, like we see in the RLC