Eng v Pakistan ODI Series

Other teams seem to be catching up batting wise. Need Archer to turn an average attack into a world cup winning one.

Big ask for the lad mind
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Pakistan still have some serious talent mind. Know we keep saying it but it's brilliant how they keep doing it with their financial resources.

Zaman is a special talent. Got the temperament (hundred in a final against India) as well as the game.

Actually just looked he's 29 so not a young talent although Pakistan batsmen do tend stick around to their late 30s
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Wood and Archer would both be in the first XI for me if fit
agree 100% we look average in the bowling department otherwise.
I'd drop Willey tbh, looks pretty crap on this performance

Bollocks !! :lol: take that back
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The Rat

Stop picking fights with the same 2 or 3 posters you bell end..

He said it: Jofra Archer: England World Cup squad place would 'not be fair morally'

He's better than Plunkett, Woakes, Willey on current form and needs to be in there.
Fuck sake why you calling me a bell end?

Read his full interview and stop with the abuse man absolutely no need for that

Not picking fights with anyone. We are talking about cricket

Archer is everyone’s World Cup squad m nobody is suggesting otherwise
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