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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Draig, May 14, 2019.

  1. Draig

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    We all wish we knew the answer to the question 'What happens after you die?" At opposite ends of the spectrum, some of us believe that there is an afterlife and some of us believe there is nothing. Before you jump into one camp or the other I'd like you to watch these three TEDx Talks given by medical doctors. Afterwards I'd like to hear what people have to think.

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    Lights go out.

    And nowt else.
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    When ya dead ya dead
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    I've read a book about this called "We don't die" it's by George Anderson.
    Accordng to the writer, our spirit goes to another world, where we are met by an already departed friend or family members who act as our guides in this other world.
    If those who pass away had strong Christian beliefs or have faith in God, then they will enter onto a higher level in this other world.
    The stronger your faith in God, the more learned you become until eventually you reach the highest level and become a guide to the newly departed.
    If any family ot friends pray for you, then this also helps you to go on to another higher level.
    Those who have passed away and comitted real evil in their lifetime (Hitler for example) will always stay at the very bottom level and will never go on to a higher level.
    There is more but I won't comment as this could cause some people some upset.
    These are NOT my views.
    This is what I've read in tbe book mentioned in this post.
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    At death, the spirit will leave the body. The physical part of the organism ceases to function, but life and personality go on.

    The individual spirit is immortal, making death not a significant worry. The spirit acquires another body necessary for growth and survival. To achieve an individual's true identity is our primary goal.

    Salvation is achieved through “clearing” engrams and implant, the source of human misery, through the auditing process. Salvation is limited to the current life and there is no final salvation or damnation.

    Life is a not a one-shot deal. There is only the eternal return of life after life. The individual comes back. We have a responsibility for what goes on today since we will experience it tomorrow.
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    Back in 57 minutes then :neutral:
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  8. Draig

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    Two of the videos are 17 minutes long and the third is 23 minutes. You posted 3 minutes after my initial post.

    What part of "Before you jump into one camp or the other I'd like you to watch these three TEDx Talks given by medical doctors. Afterwards I'd like to hear what people have to think" was too difficult for you to understand?
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  10. Draig

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    6 minutes after for you so same reply
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  11. He watched them before in another life.
  12. Only if they're a bit deranged.
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  13. Draig

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    Watch just the third one then.
  14. Snaggletooth

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    So if i dont believe a word of that shite, im fucked, aye?
    I didnt believe it in my previous life, and i dont believe it now.
  15. karma ya daft twat.
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  16. Draig

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    Sounds very similar to the philosophy of some Spiritualist Churches
  17. It's all behaviour modification - usually to play nice or follow a religion.
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  18. Draig

    Draig Midfield

    Must have been interesting to watch a talk years before it is actually given. Perhaps he also watched the play off second leg - in which case can he tell us all the result and put us all out of our misery?

    @Horley Chorley, looks like you're suffering with a dose of 'crab'

    If you'd watched any of the talks then you'd know that the issues discussed applied to people of different religions and of no religion.

    Care to elaborate on this?
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  19. Snaggletooth

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    In reply to the well constructed o.p., and having watched the 3 videos, can i ask you to watch this one. Its not quite as high brow as the ones in the o.p., but i think it provides an alternative view on the afterlife.
    Its only 3 minutes, but it is very good....I think you might enjoy it.
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    Hell on if I am greeted by the mother on law.
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