Duo lingo

I use it for German. I've got the Duolino Plus version so don't have to suffer through ads and losing lives and shit. It's canny. Me and the Mrs (no) are learning it together which I find helps as we can try having conversations with each other.
I am thinking of paying like as losing hearts is a pain especially if it a typo and not an error.


I do the full on wanker stuff ,saying yes and no and goodbye etc in Norwegian etc so people have to say what ? then i explain with a smug smile followed by Dude
I wanted to do Portuguese but unfortunately they only do Brazilian Portuguese; same with most of the providers, like Rosetta Stone etc.

Settled on the Drops app in the end, pretty good but I really need to go to some classes when things get back to normal.
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Had a real impulse yesterday to try it for Welsh, for no good reason at all other than I like the way it sounds. Did some basic Spanish with a few years back and it was canny.