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Discussion in 'SMB' started by gabbiadini1, May 16, 2018.

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    The horse is recovering.
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    Doesn’t look like one of their usual fleebitten piebald old naggs.

    Maybe they’ve gone upmarket or more likely lifted it from a farmers field somewhere.
  5. fyl2u

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    Surely the owner of the horse is the victim and the driver of the car is the "suspect"?

    Also what has the gay couple that don't like to be photographed got to do with the story? Do gay people tend to be more likely to steal horses and ride them into cars?
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    next time your car gets hit by an uninsured driver tell the cops there was a cat in the back, seems the rspca make more of an effort.
  7. 007Iron

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    To pay your claim?
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    Poor horse :(
  9. the boot

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    To find the culprit
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    Culprit was wearing black and white stripes
  12. They just punch them, not crash them I to cars
  13. The owners of the horse just left it there to die and dragged their cart away.
  14. the boot

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    Sad situation. Even sadder the fact if it had been a child it would not have made the national papers.
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  15. Won't be a big amount of pikey camps within a 4 mile radius. Maybe some CCTV somewhere has pickes it up
  16. the boot

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    What does this word mean?
  17. horses should be banned from roads altogether. Poor things are frightened to death. It likely reared into the path of the car

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  18. the boot

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    We surely can’t get into the horses on roads debate again. Anyway your right, looks like the horse as been spooked and reared onto the car. This is why horses should be given time and space regardless of who is riding it. It’s in the Highway Code.
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  19. Or they we're trap raciing it on the roads.. they can pick up a canny pace
  20. Utter scum. They are like Lepers, everyone is afraid to go near them, and they thrive on that fact.
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