Dedicated Forum App


Any plans for a dedicated App in the future where you can browse the site in comfort from your phone?


Staff member
how much?
I really haven't a clue, so am pulling figures out of the air, but lets say it was £3,000 to develop, that is * 3 as there would need to be an Android, iOS and Windows version, then there would be annual maintenance/licensing fees, iOS developer fees etc.
Even if it cost a fraction of that there is no way I would ever recover it through selling the app or running adverts on it.

Forumrunner is no longer supported and Tapatalk has been riddled with security flaws and accusations of harvesting user data (including people not using the app) from forums.


I use to use tapatalk before the forum re styling and now it is MUCH better on safari. Prefer it on here to a computer. I resizes the pages and everything