Darts 2018


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Darts commentators are shite these days, oh for the days of Sid Waddell and to a lesser extent Dave Lanning

Dont mind mardle and part but the others are unbearable. I turned the sound off for the first half of the final, that Devon fella absolutely dreadful. Wonder what the criteria was when Sky chose him.
Shame, end of an era. The Lakeside was one of the few good points of the event, with all the history and tradition and differentiated it a bit. Now it's just a regular darts event with he really much lower quality than what we're used to on Sky.
Players championship today. Adam Hunt 6 - Duzza 3
players championship today 04-08-19

dobey, durrant and joyce into the last 32
last 32 earns you £1000
durrant into the last 8 now. guarenteed £2250
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