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Collapse of the Pyramid System

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by mrreal, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. mrreal

    mrreal Central Defender

    This season the DSL have refused to relegate a team, therefore ending what was left of the Holland Report.

    Now rumour has it that the DSL have accepted Boldon CA, Marsden and Seaham Harbour in to their league with the view of starting a DSL 2nd division. This in turn may prompt the NEPL to start a 2nd division to ensure they keep their Premier League status and ECB funding. Where will this leave the DCL, DCCL and NEDL? It looks like North East cricket will be looking a lot different next season.
  2. eddyfinn

    eddyfinn Striker

    NEPL will start a 2nd division that is pretty clear, DSL have said that they will be starting a 2nd division but it won't be happening until 2013 but I suppose if they already have enough interest that could change quickly.

    The Pyramid system maybe changed so the NEPL just take the place of the DSL and the DSL goes alone. For me I think alot of leagues will take advantage of this by saying there is no pyramid anymore and then start approaching clubs. to strengthen their own league, who knows which league will benefit the most and what impact it will have. Whatever happens the DSL will no longer be in the pyramid system.
  3. NorthCountryBoy

    NorthCountryBoy Striker

    Do the County League not have Etherley's place to fill as well? As you need a third team to play in the Senior and Coast leagues this may limit potential joiners I'm guessing.
  4. brandon

    brandon Striker

    Could be tough for the County League, despite it being ran by idiots it is still a very competitive league team wise and a lot of clubs enjoy playing in it because travel isn't huge. I don't think there would be any clubs from the NEDL wanting to move up to it so perhaps the DCL may look to create a cup competition for a Saturday to fill their fixtures - or just remove any double headers they once had.......
  5. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    By all accounts seaham harbour and boldon Are already off to the DSL. Could happen next year.
  6. The Voice Of Reason

    The Voice Of Reason Striker Staff Member Contributor

    County League deserve all they get
  7. mickonline

    mickonline Central Defender

    Strange that really!

    Durham City finish bottom of the senior league and theres no relegation.

    Who's changing the rules. What about Esh Winning winning the county league. Can those not have a crack at the Senior as Kimblesworth have done. What if Brandon had won the league. Brandon is in a much healthier position than most in the Senior league!!!

    In my opinion teams like Esh, Brandon, Willington even Crook want to forget about the Senior and start thinking of Premier Second Division.
  8. The Voice Of Reason

    The Voice Of Reason Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Decent post that mate
  9. Esh

    Esh Full Back

    The whole lot needs a shake up BUT I cant see it happeneing as each league seems to look after itself.
  10. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    But wasn't that what the holland report was supposed to do? Shake things up and allow the ambitious clubs to move on and allow the clubs that want to remain where they are.

    It seems to me that this all came about because one club got relegated and then the senior league threw their toys out of the pram and this has made the whole thing fall down. I believe ALL leagues signed up to the holland report and then as soon as things didnt go how the senior league liked it and they've chucked in the towel.
  11. Esh

    Esh Full Back

    Couldnt agree more but I think the die is cat now. You only need a few clubs to drag their heels and then we are back to square one. By the way my team would be aiming upwards.
  12. brandon

    brandon Striker

    Brandon did want to be promoted had they won the league, can't speak for Esh Winning but they'd be more than capable personnel wise. Could be an interesting winter really. However, as good as all of the DCL teams can be on any given day, they are still nowhere near the class of some of the Premier League sides.

    There's a fine line in local cricket when it comes to winning or losing - that being, a team who is losing constantly will not stick together. Local lads want to play for their team for the enjoyment and when you're getting beat week in week out you stop playing because it isn't fun anymore. This is what happened at Etherley and what will happen at DCL sides if they were to take a step to far up in class.

    I'd like to see those involved at the DSL and DCL come together and arrange something but the trouble is that a lot of clubs will just want to stay how they are, its comfortable for some and many lads just want to enjoy a game every week. It is also important to consider that a lot of the DCL lads, mainly the younger lads, might not enjoy the extra overs. I already think the 45-over DCL should become 40 overs.
  13. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    I suppose the question is what happens now to the likes of the coast league and the county league. As the pyramid has collapsed will there be a lot of movement from the clubs like brandon and esh in the county league and will there be more movement out of the coast league?

    Could be quite a shuffle on over the winter with clubs looking to move on. I think the coast league will be looking for new clubs soon as well.
  14. mickonline

    mickonline Central Defender

    I agree that the difference in class is huge between the likes of Brandon and Esh compared to Chester and South North, but it isn't that huge between the lower teams in the premier, which is why I mentioned 2nd Division.

    Lets face it the Premier his here to stay, it has to because Durham has a County team and I fear teams that don't embrace the Premier league or its feeders will be marginalised and loose funding from the ECB.

    I can't understand why the Senior would create such a huge problem. Surely the pyramid system was designed to benefit ambitious clubs.

    Lets face it the County League is probably playing a higher standard of cricket than the Senior as Kimblesworth have just proven and I hate to say it but apart from a few exceptions most of the senior teams look very ran down. (can't speak for the Coast League)

    Rather than throwing dummies out of prams they should all be getting around a table and sorting the problems the current structure has (Marsden) and agree on a structure that all leagues can agree on.

    Could it be as simple as since Durham City finished bottom they don't want to move into the County?

    If Esh don't want promotion why not give it to the next highest finishing team that does (Brandon). No team should be guaranteed to remain in the "higher" division just because they have always been there and that team should not deny the rights of a ambitious, well ran team from progressing.

    As I stated before the likes of Esh, Willington, Brandon and Crook would not be out of place in the Premier or Premier 2nd.
  15. short leg

    short leg Reserve Squad

    i think it is time that the county league and the coast league merged and created 2 divisions but too many people on the management commitees of both leagues have their heads buried in the sand(hoping it goes away)for this to happen.
  16. brandon

    brandon Striker

    You reckon mate?? I know that the management at Brandon would relish the challenge anyway for sure - they are an ambitious bunch, which was why they wanted promotion in the first place. I'm sure the facilities would be up to it, Durham Second XI and Academy would vouch for that. However I'm not so sure the likes of Esh would have such joy.......

    As you say, the Senior League probably isn't much of a better standard.

    I'd imagine the Coast League is probably a similar standard and you could probably make 2 competitive divisions by merging it with the DCL - only problem would be the unambitious clubs at say the lower reaches of the DCL who wouldn't fancy a change with such factors as the increased travel. I'd guess there'd be some Coast League teams would feel the same but I have no experience of them lads.

    YES WE GYAN Winger

    Senior League teams have a real chance of competing in the PL if they have a couple of classy players. South Shields and Hetton Lyons have shown that teams can come up and really give it a go.

    I think Shields finished 2nd after bringing a two or three top PL players a few years back, and Lyons have just had a great season with the likes of Scott, Birbeck and Pringle making the difference.

    Going the other way, look at the difference of the Fell after they lost Turner and Latham. The gap isn't huge, but its those top league players who make the difference between the leagues.
  18. Row 24

    Row 24 Full Back

    What do people reckon will happen now with the leagues. Its the Coast league meeting tonight and clubs need to hand in there forms stating they will stay in the league for 3 years,otherwise they are no longer members.With Marsden,Boldon,Seaham Harbour and now Sacriston joining the Senior league what do people reckon will happen.
  19. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    According to the Bill Quay forum no teams are leaving for the following season, but by all accounts a number of clubs have expressed an interest in joining the senior league from 2013 onwards. What would the coast league do if a club said they would stay for 3 years and then fucked off after one??
  20. Sweeper

    Sweeper Striker

    League Cricket Conference rules, as well as the individual rule books of all of the leagues (including the DSL) state that for a club to join another league they must resign from the league they are currently playing in by 30 June in the season before they move.

    As the DSL knacked the promotion/relegation system this year by refusing to relegate a team, neither Boldon or Seaham Harbour were promoted "officially" and so both needed to resign from the DCCL by 30 June 2011 to be able to join the DSL for 2012. Neither did - the Harbour sent a letter of resignation in a couple of weeks ago (after being accepted by the DSL - again against the rules) and Boldon CA still havent sent a letter in. The DCCL have rejected the Harbour's letter of resignation as is their right under the rules, and they will reject any such letter from Boldon CA if they eventually decide to send one in.

    Both clubs will play in the DCCL next season and will be named on the DCCL fixture list as per the rule book. If they do not turn up for games (ie play in the Senior League against the rules) they will be fined for each unfulfilled fixture (including 1st, 2nd 3rd teams and juniors this will amount to about £1000 per month). In addition, the Senior League representative teams will be banned from all inter-league competitions and any junior player registered to a Durham Senior League club will be considered ineligible to represent Durham. The Durham County Board have confirmed that this will be enforced, apparently they are as p1ssed off with the DSL as anyone.

    I don't think the clubs decided to sign the 3 year agreement - it was decided to f*ck the Senior League off and wait to hear the proposals for NEPL Div 2 next year. It may well be that the top 5 or 6 Senior League clubs apply for that in which case the remaining half dozen will be left trying to find new leagues themselves - they'll have the DCCL, DCL and NEDL to choose from (although I assume that Norton and Maybe Castle Eden might try and get into the NYSD system.

    It's all very interesting - but the bottom ine is that the DSL top clubs have pushed everyone into a difficult position with their blatant self-preservation in disregarding the pyramid system.
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