Cole Kitchen


Wait til @Butcher's Coat finds out @Longy paid 13 quid for a can.
😂 - as I have mentioned before - fools and their money are easily parted.;)
Fuck off man @dangermows :lol:

I was going to mention it earlier but thought I’d sound like a dick. You just did it for me :lol:

It was £13.50 anyhow;)
Nah had to shut the shop mate couldnt make enough on takeaways, Still got the van but cant use it because nowhere to take it

Back to the day jobs for us for now but still lucky to have decent jobs really
What was your business mate?
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Seemed to have a decent name, never got there myself, but I’m along the road. Hoy it on here if you get back up & running & I’ll frequent
Aye we were doing ok but the lease on that place was very expensive and we were losing money especially in lockdown

Got banned last time i advertised on here haha

Will drop you a message though to spread the word when we get something sorted