Classic coronation street on itv3


Dear me, of all the TV available who would watch this drivel. The up to date version is bad enough.

Is it followed by paint drying in slow motion?


Just watching todays episode whilst I do a little work, and it is way better in 90's than today's garbage. It was more lighthearted, more comedy characters than the serious stuff they do now.


Jez Quigley had a tiny scene the other week. Not sure his character is going to be regular yet.

I don't watch any soaps, but enjoy these old Corrie episodes, though I miss Bet. And now the hideous Battersby tribe has arrived I might not last much longer.

Oh I think Fiona is about to have a one night stand with Jim. So she is.
Remember the Jim McDonald thread on here that went on for a few years, so it did, so it was, biggedy biggedy bong so it is.