Civil Enforcement Limited (Parking)


Central Defender
If they have a judgment against you, you will have to apply to set it aside. Even if the judgment was wrongly entered, until it is set aside it is an enforceable judgment.

Your refusal to pay the application fee on the basis that you believe you have committed no offence was the wrong course of action. A county court judgment is a civil matter and the judgment stands until it is set aside.

The judgment is likely a judgment in default. If the claim form was served (which simply means being put into the post with the right postage and the correct address on the front) and they waited until more than 14 days after deemed service, you won't have a right to set aside a default judgment. You will have to persuade the court that you did not receive the form, that you have a valid defence, and that you acted promptly.

The judgment you will have received will have a claim number somewhere on it. That claim number will enable you to get the claim documents from the court. If they have any sense, the other side will provide you with them if you ask.

Do check through the documents you have already received to make sure you really haven't received the claim form. The claim forms coming out of Northampton look more like letters than proper claim forms.

I suggest going to your local citizens advice as soon as possible. Preferably with an arm full of documents received from the enquires referred to above.