Chopra sticking the boot in Bruce on Talksport

Wasn't so long ago I saw him get in the way of a teammate's goal bound shot with his sizeable stomach while playing for the mighty Alloa Athletic. Sort of sums up his media presence. Laughably shite.
What I don't get is his best game for us was his first derby against them in the 1-1 Higginbotham game. He ran them ragged and hit the bar with a header.

At the time I was screaming for him to pass as Jones was unmarked 6 yards out with an open goal. Dont know whether he overhit the pass because he's just shite and tried to curry favour with the Mags after he left saying it was deliberate, or whether he knew he was off to Cardiff anyway and couldn't be arsed with the hassle.
couldnt do it at the wonga dome.

it was clear as day what he didm then on here you had people defending him. shocking stuff from a professional.


We laugh at Bruce and bemoan his time here, but I have heard in person he's a nice bloke. He's not unprofessional.

The same cannot be said about Michael Chopra who's bad attitude and unhinged behaviour ruined what might have been a good career for him as a lower level premier league striker.