@alexander and @Cowvahlo dabble in a bit of online chess I seem to recall.

I've never really played but undoubtedly would beat the majority of those on here such is my intellect.
I hear the sound of a gauntlet hitting the deck.

In the words of Admiral Nelson:

Bring it on, beyatch

I got a job working shifts as a piece in a 24 hour human chess game. I’m on knights this week.
I read your first sentence trying to take it seriously. What a rookie mistake that was.

Online chess here if any of yous fancy some 1v1 action - Play Chess Online - Free Games

We should get a league going. :cool:

Bagsy I'm playing @niceonemarra first. ;)
Theres a chess league organised by one of the lads off here who is on the cricket forum. I think I've beaten him once since we started (several years ago)