Chemo 23.5 An episode

Discussion in 'SMB' started by foggy, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. roadrunner

    roadrunner Goalkeeper

    Foggy dont know you but have read most of your posts. Inspirational and hopefully others will feel blessed with what they have rather sounding off on here. Keep up the fight. Dogs and daughters need all your loving for a lot longer. No showers with the dog tho:lol:
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  2. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    He is writing.
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  3. Happy Birthday to the bairn.

    A good cup of tea and a bit contemplating does sort the world out mind.
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  4. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    I know. Think a blog/diary/book would go down wonders like.
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  5. I’m happy just rambling on here. I wrote something about my career a while back and tried to anonymise stuff.
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  6. r@mside

    r@mside Striker

    I've got to admit I've been finding the latest threads tough to read and at a loss for how to respond.

    But, I would like to say (and I'm sure this applies to a lot of the crew on here) that your journey, as tortuous as it has been, is a great inspiration for us all to appreciate things we often take for granted in life - the love of family and friends and the kindness of strangers.

    Thanks for sharing and the utmost respect for the bravery you're showing.
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  7. The Lonious Monk

    The Lonious Monk Midfield

    I love the sheer honesty of your posts, I really do.

    Fuck me, it's only June, and for me you've already got the Poster of the Year award won, motherfucker.

    Stay well. Please.
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  8. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    Ok mate respect for that. My godfather was actually a prison guard.
    My mam fecking shat hersell when babysitter brought this tatooed brute with he but absolute gentleman.
    Ended his career at deerbolt iirc and reformed lots of lads.
    Very challenging but rewarding job I guess.
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  9. Tex

    Tex Striker

    All I can say Foggy is that you must be really good at this chemo lark if they keep asking you back to do more!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having a bit of a mare lately but I’m pretty sure the entire SMB salutes you. Your stomach may be sub standard but your balls are pure brass.

    Big love from me, the bewer and bairn!
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  10. SAFCDurhamFTM

    SAFCDurhamFTM Midfield

    Top lad Foggy, keep up the fight marra.
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  11. raindog

    raindog Winger

    Its diet is too rich in protein... try some chopped raw veg such as carrots mate
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  12. Mike J

    Mike J Midfield

    Keep going @foggy just keep going.
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  13. They’re not very good at bringing sticks back though, the carrots.
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  14. raindog

    raindog Winger

    Pitty we recently missed the recent round of awards from her majesty Surely an OBE for your sobbering services to us SMBers.

    Stay strong and as nourished as possible in the circumstances mate and give my best wishes to your daughter im sure shes so proud of you dad.
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  15. Sid

    Sid Winger

    Take care Foggy lad. All the best to you.
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  16. sad_ken

    sad_ken Central Defender

    Inspiring stuff Foggy. Look after yourself
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  17. Skandhaless

    Skandhaless Striker

    Ermm... Did you have any sauce with that steak there marra ? ;)
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  18. No sauce. I did look for some and can make my own but this time just fried in butter and seasoned. High heat. Turn once. Bit more. Rest. Eat.
  19. b1gals

    b1gals Winger

    Had my eyes tested yesterday, Foggy. New gegs needed, what a kerfuffle. I'm starting to understand how you feel ;)

    Stay strong Pal xx
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  20. Skandhaless

    Skandhaless Striker

    Mmmm... Steak fundamental.:D
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