Chemo 23.5 An episode

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  1. I had extra chemo at the end of the normal three days. A private nurse came round to administer. I got a free toiletry bag and a hot and cold pack. Well worth it then. This is third line treatment which may help control my tumour. It’s not available on the NHS as they tend to pay for cure stuff not last longer stuff. It got taken off the list in 2010 by NICE. The year the coalition came in to government in no coincidence whatsoever.

    The nausea. I hate the nausea the most. I thought I had it controlled after the last chemo but no.

    It lasted until Saturday night when my very good friend who drops everything at a moment’s notice came round and made a cup of tea. That cup of tea was the most refreshing I can remember and marked the end of the nausea.

    My daughter also turned 20. I woke up. Cried. Then got up and got on. Saw her. Gave her a big hug and a card. I love that bairn. Unconditionally.

    Sunday was eat day. Sunday afternoon was diarrhoea afternoon. I have pills to move things and pills to stop them. I eventually had to take the latter.

    Monday. Weak. Up and out with the dog. Fantastic. Shopping. Put a fillet steak in the trolley. Cooked it. Quite rare of course. It’s a fillet.

    1pm-6pm. Worst pain since the bowel rupture itself. 5 vomiting sessions. I won’t lie I was screaming in pain. The last vomits having to dig deep to get it out. My innards are bad enough without this violence going on.

    One session went in the sink. Our lass cleaned the dried on chewed steak vomit later. Bless her.

    Then it was time for 999. 3 paramedics, one qualified, one being mentored, one newly joined. They got the morphine in. I love morphine. Then a ride to Dryburn. On the way I got to know them. Had a recommendation for a lodge in south west Scotland. Pet friendly.

    I was fast tracked past the new GP surgery that is the A&E waiting room and given room B. An X-ray showed nothing. I thought it was time for a colostomy and part of me welcomes that. Everything I eat is a challenge.

    I am now a vegetarian who doesn’t travel. A conscripted eco warrior.

    The doctor said my problem could be pseudo something or other. Dr Google later said if so there was a likely 100 percent mortality rate if my bowel carries on like this.

    I know I have necrosis of the lining. The tumour is a bunch of cells gone mad after all.

    It’s a shame really as I have none of the traditional spread that is normally the killer. To the lymphs, the liver, the lungs and whatnot.

    My eventual diarrhoea was nuclear. Like a high pressure jet wash. But I wasn’t blocked. Great news. Then home around 2 am with profuse apologies for being a bother.

    It is now Wednesday and I am feeling human. The pooch is farmed off. Again.

    I read a lot now I’m pretty much housebound. I read everything on here. Mostly the politics I have to admit.

    I’m not offering up any opinions. I’ve never seen anyone say that’s a good point sir/madam, I’ve changed my view.

    Anyway. I read stuff. I know the difference between Britain, the UK and the British Isles. I read about our history and our problems. I watched an Irish documentary on the bombing of Mountbatten the other day. It was one of the first bits of news I remember as a child. The bit that sticks in my mind is the Irish boat boy. Hired at 15 from Enniskillen I think. His father was given false hope but the surviving boy was a grandchild of Dickie. But no, he soon saw his son in a fishing boat. Dead. His head “in a bucket of mackerel”

    The same day the IRA used their new technology of remote detonators to murder a lot of paras. Then learning from previous routines waited for the big wigs, medics and more soldiers to arrive and set another bomb off. The detail of the carnage was horrific. The only bits of the driver left was his pelvis welded to the seat.

    I worked in an area where I have seen the worst of human beings. In detail. I wrote up many a Home Office Summary Of The Case for the parole board reviewing life sentence prisoners. The police were good at sending in the most gruesome photographs of the victims.

    Yet despite all the devastation we can visit on each other I still tend see the good in everything. When I am about to say goodbye to everything, everything seems that bit rosier.

    The care I received was again first class. I live in a country where if I am in agony, a bunch of strangers turn up following a phone call, take the pain away, do loads of tests, a doctor explains things and then I am offered a cup of tea at the end of it. I really did have that offer but I was fixed by then and wanted to go home.

    I’m not sure what I’m trying to say.

    Maybe just cheer up. Stop moaning.

    Unless it’s about the weather.
  2. kingmonkey

    kingmonkey Winger

    High pressure jet wash! :eek::eek:

    Keep battling marra. Nice cup of tea with the dog in that lodge on the horizon.

    My dogs just eaten his own shit.
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  3. toxic tracksuit

    toxic tracksuit Goalkeeper

    Stick in fella.

    The weather is shit, but we’ll be dry tomorrow
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  4. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    Youve stopped plenty moaning by many on here.

    Raising you a glass tonight foggy, battle on!
  5. Charlestonian

    Charlestonian Midfield

    You consistently put things into perspective mate. Your sense of humour despite what you’re going through is incredible and you come across as a thoroughly top bloke.

    Take it easy good sir and keep us updated when you can.
  6. Bet you could tell some stories from your job. Those of us with a morbid curiosity are fascinated by that sort of thing, maybe the stuff you had to see would be a step too far for the likes of me.

    Keep on fighting mate.
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    OOOSH YEAH Central Defender

    Don’t know if saying I enjoy reading these posts is the right thing to say but I do. I’d much prefer you were ok mate but that’s life I suppose. Could be any of us this.

    They’re really interesting to read and help me put things into perspective. Hope you’re comfortable mate and keep posting if it makes you happy.

    All the best.
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  8. joemcdokes

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    Books and documentaries, get some techno on. ;)
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  9. gabbiadini1

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    Said it to you before mate. Don’t know you from Adam but find reading your posts very sobering and makes me evaluate and look at my life and actions. Good luck. Hope the pain and agony alleviates. I’m trying to cheer up and not be such a miserable shit. Every time I get like that I think of your ongoing struggle.
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  10. Old Prestonian

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    Keep doing what you do @foggy. Your bravery in adversity is admirable.
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  11. Andy_Roker1983

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    Had a shit day at work, been up since 4.30am due to work, I’m knackered and I’ve came home and the kids are going mental. 3 year olds crying in bed and my heads banging. Think I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, anyway read that and it doesn’t half make you realise how insignificant most of our everyday worries/gripes really are. Pathetic really. @foggy posts always put it into perspective, we should really try to even enjoy the shit days.

    Keep going mate, you sound like your doing great in such difficult circumstances.
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  12. WillD

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    Foggy lad, you are a true inspiration, tomorrow when I have the worst behaved class, the frantic drive to work amongst *****, the morons I have to tolerate during the day, I'll think of you, not as a **** or a moron may I add, but I'll remind myself I have no real troubles or worries, it'll all pale into insignificance compared to what you're going through.

    Thinking of you pal.
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  13. Good to hear from you again foggy. Pop another steak in your trolley next time you go shopping and enjoy it...

    Keep up the fight and keep posting.
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  14. Dubai Si

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    Keep up the great fight @foggy, but what sauce did you have on your steak?
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  15. Weather looks to be brightening up a bit by the weekend. Get yourself sorted and get the dog back. There's balls that need throwing! Look after yourself mate xx
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  16. Keep us updated with the Bristol Stool stats.
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  17. Billy Fish

    Billy Fish Striker

    Are you still rambling on

    Keep on keeping on
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  18. Kid Galahad

    Kid Galahad Striker

    All the best Foggy hope you are feeling a bit more yourself soon, I would hate to have to be a vegetarian mind no matter how good it is for the environment.
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  19. stretch

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    Keep on keeping on foggy.
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  20. SPUFF

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    Foggy would you not consider some writing? Depresses me to say it but your working life and general outluck may be a lot more interesting than many of us twats.
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