Celebrities who dont speak their local accent.


Robson Green, Jimmy Nail, Sting, Anne Robinson (born in Liverpool) and Donna Air and that is just a few, what's wrong with speaking your local lingo. Who wouldn't love to have heard Murray Walker commentate with his original accent.

I'm guilty of this myself, having lived away from the North East for most of my life since leaving home at 16. However, my friends and colleagues think my accent is very strong. On the other hand my mother thinks I'm "talking posh" when I get on the phone to her. When I get back home among my mates and having a bit crack then my accent reverts back to the original within a few minutes. I don't even realise I'm doing it, but it's nice not having to repeat myself for the benefit of others.
I don’t speak with my original NW County Durham accent. People often don’t put a particular effort into speaking with or without an accent. It just happens. It depends, often, on the accent of the people you most mix with.

My Auntie was born and bred in Consett but, to my ears, spoke with a Louisiana accent. Her neighbours in the states thought she was Scottish.