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  1. Will be a minor county again soon at this rate.

  2. SAFC 83

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    Not that I was planning on going or owt but surely that must be against some sort of regulation? You would think at least a few tickets would have to be offered to the opposition. Although I read on another forum that the club hosting the match are hardly getting any tickets either as Lancashire members have first choice. Surely defeats the object of taking the game to an out ground?
  3. Probably was preparing to do a streak out in the middle in the hope of getting a lifetime ban.
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  4. Bri

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    Don't know where they can go from here.

    C Steel - obviously he can bat, why isn't he?
    Lees - a class act but not in the CC
    Bancroft - good player but not an improvement over Latham (I'm sure Durham would have wanted Latham but didn't/couldn't get him)

    Unless those three start playing well Durham are going nowhere.
  5. gowlcra

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    We are playing like a minor county club. Every game three wickets down for 20 runs
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  6. willo

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    Worst team we've ever had and thats saying something.

    For the North my arse
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  7. Lancashire fans aren't happy either. Apparently they went on sale today for members to purchase one additional ticket for a guest. Only 2000 available. I've resigned myself to not going. When they originally put them on sale for everyone they had to stop and cancel orders
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    Where do you start on this one.?
    Seven ducks and still the three highest scores in the game to date,and we are going barring a miracle to get beat in a little over 2 days at a canter by a team with no real pace in its bowling and which are in themselves truly average.
    It’s difficult to explain the cheap and silly surrender of wickets and the fortunes and outcome of the game can be summed up in the silly ,stupid run out of Bancroft when him and Trevaskis appeared to be coming to terms with the pitch and opposition bowling only to commit suicide.
    This was at a point when prior to the run out they were grafting to get a foothold in making a game of it.
    It doesn’t explain the overall batting ineptitude but it was in my opinion a big factor in deciding the games inevitable outcome
    Derbyshire up next they will be licking their lips at doing the double
  9. Bri

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    Those (top) 3 I mentioned are playing way below their capability and way below the RLC form.

    Maybe it's the 'joy' of always having to bat first on this pitch, which was damp on the first day, just drains their confidence.

    Ekersley hasn't adapted very well yet. Is he showing anything better with the bat than Poynter or Richardson? Not by much if at all.
  10. Godleman will have already sent an email to Durham.......You're batting first!!
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  11. Will sleep on it and share my views tomorrow. It was a tough day watching Durham today, very tough. Pretty sad and soul destroying.
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  12. The Rat

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    Not really sure should waste your energy marra, we are where we are. Long road back.
  13. It reminds me a bit of the mid to late 90's to be honest, some players with decent records at other counties coming here and not being able to buy a run (Lees/Eckersley = Speak/Speight), a number of youngsters with some promise but not quite there yet, and a decent seam attack with nothing beyond it.
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  14. Defeated by six wickets.

    Highlight of the match....The Oystercatchers.
  15. chopsfc007

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    People might realise it wasn't all Lewis fault last season now @brandon ;)
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  16. brandon

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    Doubt it mate.
  17. Only there on the first day but 2 poor sides playing on a difficult pitch and with the ball swinging as well. Meduim pace bowlers county bowlers producing figures like Malcolm Marshall in his pomp.
    Durham back to where they where in the 90s and early noughties.
    If they can do anything then improve the quality of the championship pitches and give batsmen a chance.
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  18. Just hurts to be honest as I'm as passionate as anyone about this club. It's pleasing hearing Franklin accepting responsibility/saying it's not good enough and more than happy to make changes.... If only we saw that last season. Will take time as some players should have had more game time last season. Tough times indeed for the club. Recruitment last season with the likes of Rimmington and Smith have proven to be disasters as well which will be eating into our salary budget
  19. Rimmington has to be one of the worst signings in recent memory. Will Smith is a great lad and did OK during his first stint here, but what bringing him back at the end of his career was going to achieve I'll never know, he's as average as they come.

    I think the recruitment this season has looked adequate, certainly better than last. Raine is a decent division 2 all-rounder, Eckersley has lost his way a bit in recent years but at one point was arguably Leicestershire's best batsman and Bancroft can't be argued with. Lees just hasn't worked out so far which has to be the big disappointment.
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  20. And that is the starting point improve the standard of the pitches we play on at home. It's nearly June it's Been a dry spring early summer and still the pitches are playing like in early April.
    We have got a poor side especially the batting but at the end of the day Gloucestershire beat us by 6 wickets in a little over 2 days. If we have scored 50 more runs and beat them some supporters would be happy but it's still a poor standard of cricket when a 4 day match last only 2 days.
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