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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sidewinder2, Oct 13, 2018.

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    It's a tricky one. We have a generation who've grown up seeing such things hijacked by the Far Right. Their view is probably understandably skewed.
    Need to start teaching what it actually means in schools again.
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    Supposedly some of the best young minds in the world and they come out with shite like this. Fucking idiots like these give younger people a bad name...I'm a student myself.

    As I said in my post though these people are meant to be some of the most intelligent in the world for their age.

    If they can't distinguish between the far right and an act of rememberance for people who paid the ultimate price for us then the world is fucked.
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    Kids being kids. Echo chambers at work. Peer pressure etc. It'll all come out in the wash.
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  6. The clue is in the title - Remembrance eg to remember the millions of people who have given up their lives to protect our freedom.

    Unfortunately politicians have taken us to war purely to protect oil supplies etc and that has tarnished things in some people's minds.

    The day never ever glorifies war, on the contrary, it's a very sad sombre day reflecting on the millions who have lost their lives .
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    Easy sorted, send them all to a place where war is actually glamourised, and freedoms reduced because of it, and see how long they last before being shot for not conforming.

    I reckon about 10 minutes should do it.
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  8. I think people need to read the story and stop being so reactionary. Why do they need to be 'more proactive' about it? Surely people can remember it is Remembrance Sunday.
    The motion itself was purely to stir up this sort of reaction and mock outrage. What happened to dignified silence?
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    Pleased to see the place hasn’t changed much.
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    This makes me fucking furious.
    Remembering the sacrifices made is nothing short of a privilege and an honour. Bollocks to what you actually think about war per se, on this one day of the year there should be no other feelings than gratitude, sorrow and humility.
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  11. :lol: Give ower man, remembrance sunday hijacked?

    Mind I don't think there is much in this story at all tbh.
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    You know what I mean. The whole poppy debacle and wotnot.
    The reasoning behind it seems to have fallen by the wayside.
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  13. Ah actually aye, had forgotten about the whole poppy shenanigans.
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    Awww now you have fucking done it :evil:

    Ggrrrr.... :evil:
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  15. They're already getting death threats from the rabid right. That'll learn the little buggers not to honour the people who fought for their freedom of speech.
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    Oxford all the way
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    Well said - what a fucking joke!
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    Be the same type of little shites that used to endorse the Pedo Information Exchange group.
    I hate war, would shit myself if there was a war and blokes were drafted like WW2. The death, the injuries and psychological trauma, hero’s everyone of the armed forces who fought to protect our freedom, and what we have today. Personally I think it should be mandatory that people observe the 11am silence on the day.
  19. Yeah, I'm old enough to remember the posh posing ponces of the p.i.e. telling us that children have a right to enjoy sex . Fucking gobshites .
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    Seems like a lot of people read the headline and not the story. It's exactly what you say it is. The local paper here isn't mentioning it. It's basically a non-story. Wouldn't be surprised if the person behind the motion had a relative working for the Telegraph.

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