Anyone watched the first episode of this? It's written by the same person as Line of Duty. Just watched the first episode, decent!


Is James Naisbett the only actor available these days ?
Just him playing himself which I prefer to swere
Also been noticed all the cast are off derry girls
It must do others actors heads in seeing the same people do everything


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Good first episode although given the heavy subject matter I wasn't totally taken with some of the acting, but well written and leaves loads of scope for story development. I loved Murphy's Law back in the 2000s with Nesbitt and that's what attracted me to this.


Nesbitt is very very shit. Despite this I gave it a go and thought it was ok. The obvious love interest has already been crowbarred into it. Why they need to do this I don’t know.
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Thought it was just meh to be honest but willing to give it another go. Dodgy accents, sweeping political generalisations and looks like we're heading for another 'H' type storyline from LOD but we'll see


Was a bit OTT at the end with the necklace I have to say.
I don't think they'd have let nesbitt's character anywhere near any of this given his wife. Even based on the theory she'd done a bunk.

And that's before ridiculous things like him digging in his civvies and no tent up over the scene.
Obvious flaws, as pointed out above, aside, I thought it was a pretty good opening episode.

As @mcq10 says, I'd much prefer it if all the episodes were on iPlayer. It's on Sunday evening at 9pm, which is peak TV time. As it stands, I'm watching The Ranganation as broadcast, recording The Great (which is superb) with Sky+ and then watching this via iPlayer but having to do that manually.


Well he hasn’t been trusted with anything other than playing himself. I’ll watch the rest and it was alright but no better than that
Never liked him since he got to smooch with Helen Baxendale

The only thing I can remember him in where he didn't play himself was the Jekyll and Hyde remake a few years back.

Bloodlands was OK if a little predictable though you don't want anything too demanding on the brain cells on a Sunday evening.

Unforgotten is much better.