Black bird

Arfa Sleep

He was but I was a little worried at first that it was a vehicle for him to show off his muscles and his acting range. I'd argue that the fella who played Larry was the stand out performance.
Very good series overall.
Yeah I was a bit surprised by his build. I thought they were both good as was Ray Liotta. Larry's voice was creepy as hell never mind the rest of him.


I agree Paul Walter Hauser who plays Larry Hall is outstanding, deserves all awards he hopefully gets. Just last episode to watch. Brilliant.

Magical Kubes

Full Back
Really good that like, was hoping some of the girls/graves would be found in the end tho. Wouldn’t have minded a few extra episodes to see what happened afterwards rather than just getting told


Very good series, slightly dramatised for telly but gripping to watch. Both leads were excellent, Liotta's last role, and I was pleased they briefly explained what happened after rather than tacking on 2 or 3 extra hours worth to say very little.