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    His first wife should be locked up for being a dirty little grass imho, the unwanted mess.
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    Aye,fair point,if you weren't married you're just fooling around.Canny odd how they bother with the marriage bit though which may suggest a more calculating plot to defraud and deceive for gain
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    Two pages of posts and not a mention of a 'wad' or 'wadn't'? Poor form, even for a Saturday morning.
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    I thought it was.
    Ignomy, ignomy they've all got it ignomy
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    I like this one from Bob Hope.

    Bigamy is the only crime where two rites make a wrong.

    I think that the practice belongs in the past, at it's core it just becomes a use of women as an ostentatious display of wealth. Imho that is how you'd see it displayed if it were decriminalized.
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  6. Some Random Guy

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    Today it could just as easily be women with multiple husbands.

    The legalities of bigamy doesn't prevent people practicing living in polyamorous relationships, it just prevents them from having the legal rights or responsibilities marriage can provide.
  7. JonMc

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    I agree but I'm just saying that imo that's how we'd see it displayed in popular culture.

    If anyone wants to live in a polyamorous relationship then I suppose they can be drawing up any legal contract they want without going through a civil/religious ritual to put an official stamp on it. I think that there's so little call for the practice that this should satisfy anyone who wants to live their lives that way.
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    Sod that 1 woman is enough.
  10. Some Random Guy

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    What if your Mrs wants one of each?
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    Think on mate. How do the multiple wives of polygamous immigrants divide the estate when hubby dies? Battle Royal!
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    So long as he pays half the bills.
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    I think you misunderstood there marra.
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    I don’t see the problem.

    If you want an open relationship then just accept you can’t get married.
  16. Some Random Guy

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    Pretty ignorant to compare a "throuple" with an open relationship marra.
  17. GalacticZorro

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    No, it shouldn't be a criminal offence with the exception of any associated tax fraud etc.
  18. Some Random Guy

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    This is pretty much my view. Morally I don't see how what the bloke has done that's any worse than an affair tbh.
  19. West_Winger

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    As far as I’m concerned, people can do anything they like with whoever they like as long as everyone’s happy.

    Just think that if you’re going to get married then thats between 2 people.
  20. Some Random Guy

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    Both marriages in this case were. ;)
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