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    Came across this this morning:

    A fella has been sent to prison for committing bigamy after his first wife spotted him on Saturday Night Takeaway.

    It got me thinking though, today alternative relationships such as polyamorous seem to be more socially acceptable. Should bigamy still be a criminal offence?

    I understand in this case he's done it secretly while separated from his first wife. To me that seems more a case for a divorce with him as the guilty party than something he should do time for.

    I also understand there could be issues with abusing the system, people marrying multiple partners for citizenship purposes for example. That feels like it's already an issue with monogamous marriage though.

    I feel that the majority of people in this country aren't marrying for religious reasons. It's primarily because you love your partner and want to spend your life with them, there are also legal reasons to do it such as inheritance laws. With that in mind the old christian "marriage is between one man and one woman" adage doesn't really seem like a good enough reason not to allow bigamy.

    I guess there's an argument it could do more harm than good, I don't think that necessarily enough to justify it being a criminal offence today.
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  2. Then why should marriage be recognised in the eyes of the law?
  3. yorkyexile

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    Hard enough with one let alone 2 on the go.
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  4. What A Waster

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    Bigamy, bigamy they've all got it bigamy!
  5. Some Random Guy

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    I don't understand your angle here marra, mind expanding a bit.

    I'm all for equality, if your wife has two husbands you only need to put up with half of one.
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  6. AlpineExile

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    There once was a man from Old Lyme,
    Who married three wives at a time,
    When asked why the third,
    He said one is absurd,
    And bigamy, sir, is a crime.
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  7. thamesvalleyman

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    Thick bastard, did he not consider that someone might spot him lol :) :) :)
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  8. Just, if marriage is a lawful thing, regarding custody of bairns and divying out of houses and possessions then, blurring the lines further could create a fair bit of heartache for those innocent of the bigamous act.
  9. Iballistic George

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    To marry one woman is a mystery
    To marry two women is biggermystery

    I'll get me coat.
  10. Some Random Guy

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    It could, in the same breath people do have relationships with multiple partners that can involve bairns, property, and possessions.

    It seems to me that your argument should swing towards bigamy being lawful given the protections that can be afforded.
  11. One answer now that we have marriage equality for all 1-1 relationships, is to use civil partnerships for things like this. If that's how people want to arrange their lives and everyone involved consents, you could have this, and draw up documents agreeing rights and property ownership etc. There would be a concern about it being used for certain backward multi wife arrangements that belong in the dark ages, so you'd probably have to legislate around coercion and making it compulsory for everyone in the relationship to have equal rights and property ownership
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  12. The Exile

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    Twice the hassle, jesus wept.
  13. Paddy O'Dors

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    What's a bigamist?

    A heavy Italian fog.
  14. Billy Rocket

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    Is it allowed if one of your spouses is gay?
  15. I'm sure most blokes who think of bigamy as being a good idea are mainly thinking about having a regular threesome with two women, not their wife having another husband.
  16. RJs shoes

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    One woman and one man was good enough for your grandmother but who wants to marry your grandmother?
    Not even your grandfather.

  17. Jasper

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    Let’s be honest he’s just tried to shirk any financial hardship by divorcing the first one hasn't he.
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  18. HebburnMackem

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    Is your lass wanting the milkman to move in again marra?
  19. Some Random Guy

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    Whee has a milkman these days man. :lol:
  20. HebburnMackem

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    Your lass when you gan to work apparently :lol:

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