BBC Radio Sunderland


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Thanks as this had not come to my attention. Shame it's only temporary. It's scandalous the local BBC output is called Newcastle in my opinion. BBC North East or BBC Tyne and Wear the obvious names.

Many years ago - at the very start of local radio they launched Radio Blackburn for the Lancashire Area.

It didn’t go down well as the perception was it was just about Blackburn- which would take about 25 seconds airtime.

Duly renamed to Radio Lancashire- it’s actually excellent.
Could merge with BBC Tees in my opinion. Last time I was up north, I picked up BBC Tees first in the car, and then Newcastle afterwards. The programming isn't much different to be honest. BBC North East would be fine, and save on money.

However this is about the only time I would propose linking anything with Teesside!

The bigger issue though is the programming. Its repetitive as anything. Just how many times can you get an audience to text in with "Guess the year all these songs are from" in one day?

No different to any other local Beeb station.

Sometimes forced to listen to BBC Cymru so at least I can imagine they’re doing something interesting.

Genuinely found out we were signing Declan John via that station. Just a load of Welsh I didn’t understand but picked out ‘Declan John’ and ‘Sunderland’. :lol:


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Been trying to get my Alexa to play it but it keeps giving me ‘Sunderland hospital radio’ - anyone know if it’s available on smart device?
Bag of shit up till now.
Just like SunFM/ Metro - but without the adverts.
Akin to Hospital Radio.
I shall be tuning back into Radio 2 for Ken Bruce at 09:30.