BBC Radio Sunderland

Lord Potts

The BBC has 39 local radio stations and of course they have six national stations. That's what you call over kill. I am not against local broadcasting but I am sure that half that number would more than cover the local needs of the UK

Boris Bear

The edge is correct
Never heard it unless some moaning geordie was around
Wearsiders never used the term about themselves

Boris you seem to be wrong yet again today
I'm not talking about wearsiders...I'm talking about people from Sunderland (i.e. Mackems). It seems you have misunderstood again.
It is meant as an insult on Tyneside.
It's taken as a compliment in Sunderland. Perhaps they don't appreciate the etymology on Tyneside, which is a recognition of our proud shipbuilding heritage and a derivation of a word from the civil war for people from Sunderland, both of which would likely raise the hackles of people on Tyneside.
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Starts on Monday apparently.



Reserve Squad
This is wrong...I've always been a Mackem and it's not an insult. Sounds like your upbringing was flawed if you think it was invented by geordies...blame your parents.

My mum would be 93 now, she thought it was dreadful when Sunderland folk started calling themselves Mackems. She always classed it as an insult used by Newcastle natives. She would blow a gasket if she got called a Geordie, she liked to be known as a Wearsider. Topics to avoid - religion, politics & 1974's Tyne and Wear creation.
I'm a Wearsider never heard the word Mackem before the late 80's only started to hear it from scummers as an insult thereafter, can't stand the word.