Banned posters what you doing this weekend thread.

Staying in tonight
Sat. Sorting out new water supply to pigs and finishing off new pen for more pigs
Sunday. ambulance shift St Austell ( so be careful if you are down here this weekend as you might get rusty old me picking up your wig


Reserve Squad
Tonight: fish and chips and a few drinks at home. On the lash last night so taking it easy.

Tomorrow: boxing, pizza, hanging with mates

Sunday: attacking laundryberg
Tonight. Gym then hopefully sleeping more than 2 hours again. :evil:
Saturday. Graft and gym.
Sunday. Graft and gym.

Great job on the thread title. Take a bow, pal :lol:

Tonight: Going to dinner with my dad and then we're going to go somewhere to have a few drinks. Doing a "boys" (lol) nights out.

SAT: I have to go to our Santa Monica office and put in a few hours of work. Might have lunch with my son, but it all depends on what time I get done with work.

SUN: Doing some antiques shopping with my wife (yeah, yeah, I know, but it's something she enjoys doing so... as they say, "happy wife, happy life")