Banned posters what you doing this weekend thread.


sat - off to the gym, get some decent food into me and as much as it quite literally, pains me, avoiding the sun. it's been 31 degrees plus. sorry y'all ;)

sun - gym, eat. head to potato head beach club. playing tunes, leading up to the sunset and until 1930. recording will be uploaded. :D

The soap powder

Central Defender
Tonight - 12 hour nightshift looking after the people of the north east
Tomorrow - sleeping then up about 2 out for food for our lasses (no) grans surprise 80th then back to work for 12 hour nightshift
Sunday - Sleep and laze about until work again for 12 hour nightshift


Fri- pint after work then home to cook. Deal with shit new York couldn't handle.

Sat - up at 3am for daddy daddy toilet. Been awake since. Watched band of brothers. Haircut and kids swimming so I can perv at the mummies.

Sun-going to the farm to see the chickens and ducks and cows and pigs and goats and rabbits and etc