Baltimore bridge collapse

I don't know where or why you are going with this argument ? I've said that I think it's likely that the cost of retrofitting every existing bridge with protection to guard against the tiny chance of this happening would be enormous.
I've never said, nor would I say , that they shouldn't pay for the damage. Why would you infer that I would say such a thing ?

The ship weighed 100,000 tons. It would need to be a hell of an anchor to change the course of something that weight at speed.
It doesn’t weigh 100,000 tonnes. That’s the grt which is a function of the ships volume.
It’s incredible how every ‘incident/dodgy photo’ is a conspiracy

Can't have a simple accident happening these days, there's always got to be dark forces at work.

Mind, we laugh at some Americans going mental with the conspiracy theories people have re-posted on here, but it only took 19 posts on this thread for someone to say it 'looks very suspect', followed up with another post saying 'that's no accident'. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
A see the conspiracy theory nutters are out in force looking for their crumb of attention
Loads of the nutters shouting “It beycawwz we sendin aaaaawwl dat money to Ukraine instead o’fixin arrrr bridges”

Mental Americans like. Really mental
Only crashed because the earth is flat. If it was round it wouldn't have went in a straight line
I know the ship was huge but the entire length of the bridge's main structure went down in a matter of seconds even a length that was supported by a pier that wasn't hit. Baltimore is a very busy port with thousands of large vessels passing under that bridge Surely when the bridge was designed the architects would have had to assume that that sooner or later something would hit it and have built in to it some sort resilliance that would have minimised any damage.

Architects just make things look pretty, engineers/structural engineers make their designs stand up
Some good drone footage of the site.

They estimate $15 million per day for the port closure.

That's going to focus some minds on getting that channel safe and open.

Even if they manage to get it done, that's over $200 million before you have paid for the clearance teams and equipment.
I know it’s a disaster and devastating for the families but I would love to be part of that clean up crew.
my last job was cleaning up train derailments. Once the initial panic is over and everyone is safe it’s actually exciting doing the clean up
No idea. To rebuild the bridge and compensate the families alone will probably cost 200 million at a guess since they'll pretty much have to build an entirely new bridge. But it's still an extremely rare event and preventing it happening again would be hard. Maybe bridges like this could have some kind of radar beacon which sounds an alarm in the ship when it is approaching ?
Edit* according to this site
"According to official numbers, the construction of the bridge in 1977 cost $60 million, which is equivalent to about $300 million after factoring in inflation. However, reconstruction “could cost 10 times more,” that is, close to $600 million, according to engineer David MacKenzie speaking to NBC News."
Probably :rolleyes:

That cost under $200 million.

This one took 43 hours to build (with 8000 staff)
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