Ballance for Number 3?

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by Temp0101, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. The Rat

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    Nah those 2 players get so much excuses, they weren't good enough and never would have been, mentally they didn't have it

    The ones who did, Hussain, Thorpe, Atherton etc made success of it

    The quality of attacks around the world right now is unbelievable by the way too
  2. Ballance should be in the side, as the quaility of batting in England in county cricket is relatively bare.

    Just not at number 3
  3. SAFC11

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    Another 100 up this season for him
  4. The Rat

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    People never look closely at the specifics n just lump his whole career together

    He got 2 recent recalls

    One he was bang out of form but scraped to a 100 against Middlesex infrom of Strauss, he should never have been recalled n he said himself he was playing poorly

    Next recall he was averaging over 100, but they put him in at 3 which he isn’t, he still batted time but broke a finger n couldn’t get back in

    That last recall wasn’t a failure he never got a chance

    I’d be more up for your shout of root at 3 if it meant Ballance batting 5 as he’d score runs
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  5. Ballance at 5 probably wouldn't be a bad shout, are you batting Bairstow at 4?
  6. The Rat

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    Definitely not.
  7. Thank god :lol:

    Probably don't need another 5 though with Buttler, Stokes, Bairstow, Ali, Curran/Woakes as the middle-lower order. But Ballance does look more like a number 5 at test level I will agree.
  8. The Rat

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    Yeah wouldn’t say he gets in like. 1st reserve
  9. He's in form though....racking up some runs!
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  10. Yeah to me it's simply unfair to throw people in the deep end, all the time, and with Ballance they is also the clear fact he is in form and scoring runs, so give him the best chance of building his confidence up at test level and that would be 5 for me.
  11. The Rat

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    If you’re good enough you will survive though
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  12. Possibly you only have to look at Root who was given his test debut high up the order but struggled against the new ball.

    Fortunately for England he was given another chance lower down the order and flourished.
  13. The Rat

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    Trott made 100 on debut there in ashes

    You probably have a point

    But I think it’s more to do with conditions last 2 or 3 years, ball done a lot more.
  14. Well yeah but that's all the more reason not to keep chucking debuanants into the deep end.
  15. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    If they’re a top 3 player though shouldn’t be playing at 6
  16. Well that depends Ponting started at 6, where he was given his chance to build his confidence up and than move up the order and turned out to be one of the best 3s in test cricket.
  17. The Rat

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    Our biggest problems are opener though. Can’t exactly start an opener at 6 then move him up can we?
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  18. Well yeah, it's not easy and ideally we would have a ready made opener which we clearly haven't.
  19. Comeback_Kenwyne

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    No thanks. He can put all the numbers up he wants, but it doesn't change anything. He's an outstanding county batsman, but he hasn't got the technique for test level. Basically this generation's Graeme Hick.

    Non-cricketing reasons will stop him this season.
  20. Yes,but the problem is we clearly have not got a top 6 who have got the technique for test level.

    So it’s got to the stage of who would be the next best and Ballance has to be in that criteria.

    It’s more of a question of is he in the top 6 best batsman in the country?

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